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This week back in Venice is almost over, and it went faster than usual. I had a lot of appointments, and that really made the time fly. I went to the bank and I had to spend a whole hour there before they finally did what I went there for; then I had the plumber over and guess what, I have to remake the whole methane gas tubes system thingy, because the house was built in the seventies and it's not safe anymore. Bye bye money. The plumbers will have to come back next time I'm here, and check the chimney, and then we can start installing the new tubes.

On sunday my aunt and uncle came here too, so that today they could go to the cemetery in Venice and make arrangements for my mom's tombstone. I did that twice already, for my dad and my sister, and I seriously couldn't go through all that one more time. So they did everything for me, and then I got a lot of hugs when they came back home, and my aunt is going to make me frittelle because she loves to spoil me. I feel very loved! And while looking for a good picture of mom to put on the tombstone my aunt kept finding great pictures of yours truly that I didn't remember at all, so there was a silver lining. ^^

In fandom news I finally sat down and watched the last season of Person of Interest. I didn't watch it when it aired last spring because I was going through chemo, and watching something that I loved so much ending was definitely too much for my mindset back then. Now that I feel a lot better, I decided to give it a go, and yes, it was as beautiful and heartbreaking as I thought. The ending was a tiny bit different from what I thought it was going to be, but I loved it nonetheless. I'm so glad it could have a proper ending, but it was still a very bittersweet feeling to say goodbye to the team.
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The picture of the day is my dad's old guitar, back from the music store. It had been in storage for fifteen years, but surprisingly it was all right, except obviously for the strings. I had them put new ones on, and it only cost me fifteen euros. They told me the little bone thing at the top (always at hand with the mot juste, aren't I?) will probably need replacing in the near future though. Me, I'm still shocked it wasn't eaten by termites or something like that.

I'll try and play a few chords on it later. Seeing as I've been learning the ukulele for more than a year now, I'll have to re-learn all chords and where my fingers are supposed to go. It's going to be fun. My therapist told me I need to learn to accept and let my anger free, so this is probably going to help with that. :D

In fandom news, we've had some great season finales: both Person of Interest and Once Upon A Time blew my mind, and I'm very excited to see where they're going next. I finally dropped The Vampire Diaries: it's not that I didn't like it anymore, but it was getting really boring, and I hadn't been looking forward to it for quite some time anyway. And with me having a Netflix subscription now there's a lot of shows I want to see and a very limited amount of time to do it, I have to cut my losses. That's why I decided to drop Sleepy Hollow as well: I loved the first season, but never got around to see the second one. I noticed how most reviewers didn't like this new season at all, and then I read an article that they're going to change the show even further next season, and give it a more procedural feel, with the monster of the week and all. That was the end of it for me.

Yesterday's Supernatural episode was kind of meh. Mostly just a bridge to the finale next week. I'm still cautiously trusting them to do the right thing and fix that horrible mess they wrote themselves into with the last episode, but if they don't, and they're actually planning on reversing to the same tired tropes from the first two seasons, well that's it for me, I won't be back for the next season. Again, lots of great shows, too little time to stick to the ones that've disappointed me. But still, there's one episode left, I would be very happy to be proven wrong.

And while I was typing this entry the mailman rang with this little package from Singapore:

It's Eggsy's necklace from Kingsman The Secret Service, and it's amazing. Way better than I dared hope. It's a perfect replica, sturdy, and it looks incredible. Plus it arrived just in time for the release of the movie in digital hd tomorrow. I only watched it once in the cinema two months ago, and ever since I've been dying to experience it in the original language. And now I have my necklace to wear while watching it too! Tomorrow can't come soon enough! ♥
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The holidays are over, and all my tv shows are slowly coming back. On various degrees from "traumatizing" to "holy fucking shit my eyes". On one end we have Person of Interest, that's still trying to make me forget that awful, awful episode that almost had me drop the show. It's working, guys, but you need to apply yourself a bit more. More scenes with Harold and John, please. And I'd watch an entire series of Shaw going about her day, just saying. I still hate torture scenes, not even Lost managed to desensitize me (ooooh, it's someone new! let's torture them to see what they know!). But I'm happy with what they're doing with the Machine's storyline, so yay.

On the other end of the scale we have Marvel's Agents of Shield. On a scale of 1 to 10, this was an 11 in fucked-up. Considering they spent half a season assuring us this was a kids show, with simple plots and all, I feel like those scenes were entirely too gruesome and truly came out of nowhere. I shall sit here, stick my fingers in my ears, and think very loudly of all the fix-it fics I've read so far. Another case of "fanon is better than canon".

Thankfully New Girl also came back, and it was like a glass of fresh water in a desert town full of creepy mannequins. Just saying. So glad to have Coach back, and I hope this new development with Cece will give her more time on screen. And we really need a proper Wilson arc.

Seriously, was I the only one who felt really distressed and nauseated after that Shield episode?
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So, it looks like Person of Interest heard me when I was saying I wanted to drop it, after that godawful trope last week, and decided to pull out all the stops to bring me back: Johnny Cash's most beautiful song, actual affectionate interactions between Harold and John (after ten episodes of nothing), and even if every action from every character stemmed from that horrible, horrible trope, it was still a great episode. Looks like I'm stuck with them for a little longer. *shakes fist*

This morning I was feeling a lot better, so I tried my luck and took the bus downtown to check my favourite store to get early christmas gifts ideas. And obviously I ended up buying something for me:

Yep, I bought it on tape in the summer of '99, then on cd, and now I'm going back to the roots and have the vinyl. I couldn't help it, it was calling to me!
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The health updates are getting boring, so in short: still sick, getting better, stuck at home, bored out of my mind.

Now that that's out of the way, fandom news! I started a Cowboy Bebop marathon the other night: that was my first anime (I've seen episodes of other anime during my childhood, sure, but Cowboy Bebop was the first one that I actually tuned in to watch, that I religiously followed), and still my favourite. Let's take a trip down memory lane! It was February 2002, and two months prior I had had some very serious, very painful back surgery. I was stuck in bed for four months. I could slowly move from the bed to the bathroom, and then to the couch, but it took me hours, and it was very debilitating. Needless to say, it was really boring. At 6pm everyday Mom would pop out to go to church, and in one of those occasions, while flipping the channels on the tv, I happened on a anime episode, where one of the main characters was talking of having a prophetic dream with Charlie Parker. My parents loved jazz music and I grew up on it, so I got intrigued. It was the third episode, Honky Tonk Women. Two days later, with Ballad of Fallen Angels, I fell deeply, crazily in love with the show.

I've listened to the soundtrack millions of times since, but it's been years since my last marathon. Needless to say, it's fantastic. I'm rediscovering it completely, with the eyes of an adult, and at the same time falling head over heels in love with it all over again. Plus now I get even more references than before (especially since I watched almost all John Woo movies since then).

In other news, I'm very angry and disappointed with Person of Interest. I'm not going to rant here, because I've already done it on several other journals and on tumblr, but even after such a poorly written first half of the season I still wasn't expecting them to pull the worst trope in the book. I might even consider dropping the show if it doesn't pick up in the next couple of episodes, that's how angry I am.

So, I decided to turn to the classics to feel better, and started watching Twin Peaks. I just finished the pilot (I timed it so that it would end in time for my second aerosol of the day), and was really intrigued. It's weird because I already knew the theme song, I recognized how much it has been quoted ever since, and yet it's my first time ever watching it. Yep, I have no idea who killed Laura Palmer. It's great. :D
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The sun came back after more than a week, and it made what would have been a tiring morning a much more enjoable one. There was a lot of walking, a lot of offices, papers, talking about mom's condition, but everytime I stepped outside and took a look at that bright blue sky I felt so much better.

I grabbed a couple of sandwiches for lunch, and sat down to watch Elementary. Wow. It was already a brilliant series last year, but this year they also fixed their only tiny flaw: this season the cases are more complex and engaging (which is weird when I think it's the one thing that is truly lacking this year in Person of Interest), and the character development, as always, is absolutely splendid. Truly the best thing about such a fantastic series. The writing is just something else. The natural, beautiful way their relationship keeps growing, it's amazing.

And now, ice cream and the rest of the episodes that came out yesterday. This year I'm following far more tv shows than I'm comfortable admitting.

EDIT: Just finished watching the first episode of Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. Uhm. I'm not sure I could say I liked it.

Pros: the actress playing Alice is really good, and we have an active heroine fighting and exploring to save her beloved. So yay for a feminist storyline. The Knave of Hearts is great. We get to see a lot of Wonderland, which sadly they couldn't do on OUAT. They got the Red Queen a Chess Palace, since she's not a card, but a chess piece. Naveen Andrews. Wait, count Naveen Andrews twice, he's just that good.

Cons: the actress playing the Red Queen is BAD. So, so, so freaking bad. My god, she couldn't act her way out of a wet paper bag, and the worst thing is, she's supposed to be this show's version of Regina, and Lana Parilla is definitely the best actress in OUAT. While this Red Queen made me cringe everytime she was on screen. But the worst thing is the fact that the good guy from Agrabah is white, while the bad guy from Agrabah is a PoC. This coming from a spin-off of a tv show whose biggest flaw is the lack of representation (in a very big cast, there are three persons of colour in total: two dead, one has a secondary storyline).

So, yep, I'm going to watch it all in one go after it's finished, but I'm not really holding my breath. Which is a pity, because I really liked the premise.
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What a glorious day. After dodging a couple of phonecalls from people I don't want to talk to, but I have to talk to, but I can postpone them a bit, I finally could sit down and watch the new Person of Interest and Marvel's Agents of Shield episodes.

And we're going to use cuts here, because spoilers ahoy!

Person of Interest 3x01 )

Marvel's Agents of Shield 1x01 )

In conclusion, two fantastic premieres, I can't wait for more! \o/
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Guess what just arrived!

It was actually supposed to arrive on my actual birthday, but it got delayed at customs, and then ended up in San Marino. For those of you who (understandably) don't know where that is, here. Since it's a different country altogether, it's just like saying it got delayed in customs in Italy and ended up in Croatia. Hence my confusion.

And although I usually don't like how reaction gifs seem to have substituted normal words, just this once I have to:

It's just too perfect for the situation. :D
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I'm back from the podiatrist's office! First, the good news: I didn't get lost on my way there (close call, though), and my feet are fine! Later this year I can go back and get the toes equivalent of dental braces, but it's up to me. So yay!

The not-bad-but-very-embarassing news, the podiatrist wasn't a middle-aged man like I thought, but a very young, hot guy, who spoke in a sexy soft voice a-la John Reese, and my brain lost connection to the server multiple times. As in, I giggled, I babbled, I kinda tuned out a couple of times. I do hope he wasn't saying anything vital, he had to repeat the braces thing twice before I nodded in response. Think Jane Foster giggling when Thor kisses her hand. So embarassing.

And in the waiting room they had a security camera, and when I walked in, after greeting the other patients, I turned and smiled to it too because Person of Interest has obviously fried my brain.

And now I'll have icecream for lunch and complain loudly about stupid sexy men hiding in the most unexpected places! *adele playing in the background*
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Happy September, everyone! It's my favourite month of the year, mostly because halfway through it it's my birthday, but also because I just really love the season. I'm already planning cookies and muffins for the next weeks, now that I won't risk spontaneous combustion by standing near the oven anymore. :D

Silly anecdote of the day, yesterday I finished my Person of Interest marathon (gotta be prepared for the new season), and while dinner was cooking I changed the sms alarm ringtone on my cellphone to the "can you hear me?" soundbit from God Mode. And then I completely forgot about it. So this morning I got out of bed, put the kettle on, and while I was pouring the water the Machine called and startled me so much I almost got all that scolding water all over myself.

Irony upon irony, it was a text from my therapist. :D

In other news, the neighbours are about to have another baby. The first one is now three, and he redefines the word "hyperactive". I'm a teensy bit worried. Gotta check where I left my trusted earplugs, I have a feeling I'm going to need them pretty soon.

Unrelated memo to myself: never ever read youtube comments. I stopped doing it months ago, and the quality of the time I spent online improved immensely. Today I scrolled down a video by mistake, and read some of the most ignorant sexist bullshit I ever laid eyes on. Good lord. That's why I keep well away from twitter as well. *shudders*

And now back to reading cookies recipes! *____*
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Here I am with another cute meme because I'm waiting for a call from my aunt and I have some time to kill. Stolen from [ profile] harriet_yuuko. ♥

Choose five of your favourite (and may I add 'current') fandoms

First character you fell in love with
The character you never expected to love so much
The character you're most like
The character you'd slap
The character you'd sleep with
Your five favourite characters
Your OTP
The pairing you love but isn't your OTP
A pairing you hate
Who's more likely to win the Hunger Games
Who's less likely to win the Hunger Games

Person of Interest, Cabin Pressure, Star Trek (reboot), Supernatural, Avengers (MCU). )

This was fun. :D No call yet, I'll just go and have lunch then. ^^
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It's been quite the intense weekend. Back in 2001 I had my first surgery, on my left foot, and on friday the same problem returned. All doctors are on holiday, so I have to wait until next week before I can get an appointment. The good news is, there's no infection and the pain is slowly going away. Today it still feels like someone smashed my foot with a hammer, but it's getting number. I'm hoping in two days I'll be fine again, or at least enough to walk without flinching at every step. *crossing fingers*

Other than that, I'm doing fine. Because of the new tv I'm re-watching all my Studio Ghibli blurays, and downloading all 1080 versions of the SG movies I don't have. It surprised me a lot to find out that the only HD copy of Spirited Away available is a tv rip. A glorious, bright and perfect tv rip, but still a tv rip. That means they don't have a bluray version not even in Japan. Crazy.

And I fell in love all over again with Lupin III Castle of Cagliostro. God, that movie is amazing. I've been listening obsessively to the theme song all weekend. ♥

Going a bit off topic but not too much, after watching yesterday's Attack on Titan episode and realizing that they had spoiled the big spoiler for me on tumblr the other day, I decided to just catch up with the manga, and at least get the spoilers from the mangaka himself. I grabbed some icecream, sat in front of my computer, and one hour later my mind was completely blown. And I thought it was an amazing story now, I had no idea how fantastic, jaw-dropping brilliant it was going to get! There was one page that just got me shouting at the screen "holy shit, NO, I don't believe it" for ten minutes straight, no kidding. Mind = blown. *_____*

Also, here, have a fantastic Person of Interest fanvideo, with one of my favourite songs ever. Hearts in my eyes!

And with that, I'm off to sleep. Hoping when I wake up my foot won't hate me anymore. ^^"
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I've ticked almost all the boxes on my list of things-to-do-before-leaving. Only a trip to the pharmacy left, and I'm good to go. Today was the first day of summer too, and I got to wear a tank top and shorts for the first time in months. We've completely skipped spring this year, it's so weird. All while I'm packing sweaters and long-sleeved shirts, we're going to make a ten degrees jump at least, it's going to be fun. Now you see the necessity of a trip to the pharmacy.

And I got a wonderful surprise when I came home today, with this package waiting on my doorstep:

Second Teen Wolf boxset, first Person of Interest boxset and the new The National album. This is a frighteningly accurate representation of me right now. *____*
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Just finished watching Person of Interest. It's the start of the long wait until the next season. I never learn, I could savour a new show, let it last longer, since it's the summer, and yet everytime I burn through the whole thing in a week. I may have cut on sleeping hours. I blame the awesomeness that is this show.

I have so many theories for the next season, but I already know they're going to surprise me like they always do, no point in even trying. And I love how the plot twists never come out of nowhere, always have a point, a reason, that can be traced way back. And the character development is so realistic, they never go for cheap angsty scenes for angst's sake. I really, really love the writing on this show.

And the female characters! So many fantastic female characters, all competent, smart, great at their job, never sexualized, between this and Elementary it feels like someone has been spying on my Christmas list. :D And I want Shaw to join the main cast next season and be all snarky and sassy with John in every episode while they crash cars and shoot bad guys in the kneecaps.

They have the best soundtrack ever too, so many of my favourite songs! Sinnerman for Elias, The Future Starts Slow for Shaw, Gimme Shelter for Reese, I feel so loved. ♥

PoI fans, I'm waiting for recs. Fics, videos, fanmixes, you know the drill. Any pairing will do, I just love everyone so much I do not even have one OTP. Is there a thing as a "massive family otp"? There should be. :D
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I'm aaaaliiiiveeee!

I'm almost back to normal. The fever is gone, the blood pressure is still low, but I've slowly reintegrated vegetables and diary products in my diet, and today I felt strong enough to take a shower, and it was pure bliss. I set Roisin Murphy's The Truth on loop on my iPod, and scrubbed until my skin turned red. Now I feel like a very happy lobster. I smell so fine, oh yeah. :D

As it is tradition lately, since I was sick and stuck in bed sipping sugary water and fending off cuddly attacks from a very bored cat, I started a new tv show. This time it was Person of Interest. I just finished episode 13, and I'm hooked. I'm also deeply in love with Detective Carter, to the point that it's getting really embarassing. I fear I may have a thing for smart, competent women. The only problem I've encountered so far was that Elias is played by Mathesar from Galaxy Quest, and it was really hard for me to concentrate on his scenes without going 'awwwww' in my brain. I love that movie so much I might have watched it far more times than it is healthy. ^^

I'm going to have meat for dinner, quite the event after a whole week of rice and soup. I'm genuinely excited. :D

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