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I had a great weekend! Tati and I went to the Mantova Comics convention, a tradition of ours. She went as genderbent Dean Winchester, I went as myself because I stopped working on my cosplay when I thought I couldn't go anymore because of the tooth. Next time, definitely. ;) We had a wonderful time, took a lot of pictures of brilliant cosplayers, talked to a lot of great persons, bought some wonderful things, and even attended the last half an hour of a concert.

A picture we all agreed deserved the front page. It's Sherlock and John making out while Tumblr exults. I love cosplayers. :D

More pictures under the cut, including yours truly with an idol of hers! )

While at the convention we saw some people playing Just Dance 2014, and I fell in love with it. I bought Just Dance 4 yesterday (I'll buy the 2014 one from Amazon, it's cheaper there), and spent the whole afternoon dancing around. Today my muscles feel all sore in that wonderful way they do after a good hour at the gym. Also, it turns out I got the moves, who knew? :D
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Last Sherlock entry for this season. A season that lasted one week and a half. And now we're back on hiatus. Oh joy.

Spoiler-free review, I think it was the best episode of this season, even considering it came after an episode I loved. But it had its problems. Although I think the huge problem always boils down to the fact that it's just three episodes every two years, and it's really showing.

On to the spoilers! )

I'll download the 1080p version tomorrow, and then do a re-watching. It'll probably change my opinions slightly, how it always happens, but I think at the core this is what I got from this season. ^^

And now it's back to fanfics! \o/
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Back with a Sherlock review again!

First impression: absolutely loved it! )

So, one week left, and it'll already be over. Even considering this is the first time I watched all three episodes on their exact airing date, it still feels like the shortest season yet. And this episode worked perfectly as end of the season, or even end of the series. Really weird they put it in the middle, I'm equal parts excited and scared to see what they have in store for the next one.
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Here it is, guys. The first Sherlock entry in two years. Drumroll and all.

The actual review is under the cut, but I think it needs a little preamble for you to see where I come from. During the last two years, because of various things, I've fallen a lot out of love with Sherlock. I realized I preferred the fandom version to the actual show, which I kept finding more and more troubling. With only six episodes, I only liked four, because one was too racist and one was too sexist. And under the faboulous acting, directing, cinematography, London and all, I came to realize the show missed a heart. In other words, if Elementary was about the Heart of this story, Sherlock was the Brain. That 'something' that I loved came more from fanfics than from the actual canon.

Tie that with a very, very disappointing Doctor Who season by the same showrunner, and I grew bored with the wait. To be fair, I never actually cared how Sherlock even faked his own death. I was more interested in his return, in his reunion with John, in how they could make it work after what he had done. And recent happenings at the screening of the first episode a few weeks back didn't help in bringing back that old joy I found in this show.

That being said, today I came back from therapy, made myself a cuppa, and sat in front of the tv to enjoy the new episode with a huge breath and a clean mind.

So here's my review, spoilers and all. )

Comments are much appreciated, I'm downloading a 1080p version for a second viewing, I'm betting it'll feel a lot different now that I've already seen it. ^^
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We're having a lovely, sunny day, the perfect day to spend inside wrapping gifts. :D

I still have to buy two other gifts, and I'm set. And the little glittery bows for the gifts in the picture, on tuesday. I'm really proud of myself. *____*

Changing topic, today they're screening the first episode of Sherlock. That means, I'm dropping off tumblr and every community even remotely related to Sherlock. It was the only way, two years ago, for me to avoid spoilers, and since it's only three episodes, I consider every little piece of information a spoiler. If you need me, I'll be in a cave, with my fingers in my ears, singing xmas carols. ;)
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First, the great news: my aunt called me yesterday to tell me she's coming over here next thursday, and she'll stay for six days! It wasn't planned, but with the panic attack, the ambulance, the bronchitis, I think I did scare her a lot. Anyway, she's coming over! Yessssssss! And I'm feeling better, so I can enjoy her company instead of spending the day sneezing and coughing in bed, double yay!

Yesterday was also the 50th Doctor Who anniversary. I'm probably the only one in the fandom who decided not to watch the episode. I was very, very, VERY disappointed with the last seasons, and I didn't want them to spoil my memories of Ten and Rose with another disappointing episode. Plus I was counting on my friends to write reviews, and the first one I read, by the lovely [ profile] tsuki_yagami, confirmed what I feared. Oh well. Gotta wait until the next showrunner, I guess.

After the episode they aired the new Sherlock trailer, which didn't actually tell us anything new, except that the girl playing Rae in My Mad Fat Diary is in it, and that made me shriek in joy, and that John's moustache keeps looking like a dead animal. Sorry, I literally have nothing else to say about it, because it was really too short and about scenes we had already seen. I guess the next one will be more about the actual story. And maybe with an actual date, somewhere. *crosses fingers*

Since my lungs are cooperating again, I sat at my drumkit the other day, for the first time in two weeks. After two songs I had to lie down for a bit, but hey, I still got it! *_____*
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I'm feeling better! Not out of the woods yet, but the coughing fits have almost disappeared, and I have no more headaches. Yay! Although I called my therapist to hear how she was doing, and she forbade me to go to the gym tomorrow, says it's still too soon for me. Crap. Cough syrup toast to another evening inside then.

Anyway, that wasn't the point of this entry. The point of this entry is to shamelessly advertise the wonderful new Etsy shop of a friend of mine, Florealpolla, because she's super talented and I want all my friends to see her work:

This one is for the Sherlock fans. She made a wonderful John too. ♥

EDIT: Added John here, because [ profile] stardust_made asked me to and I'm unable to refuse her anything. ♥

And here's my favourite item, a super elegant bookmark with Sam and Dean Winchester watching over your readings. Aren't they adorable?

She also has Merlin, Thor and Star Trek keychains, all in her wonderful style. And she ships worldwide!

*end of shameless advertising*

Time for my third aerosol, and then dinner while listening to Cabin Pressure. I've been marathoning the whole series from the beginning, instead of listening to a random different episode every night like I usually do. ^^
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Less than three months to The Desolation of Smaug, and I'm getting ready:

Isn't it the most adorable keychain ever? It's a cute little Smaug! I love it! And it was made by a very talented friend of mine too, Florealpolla. The link goes to her Etsy shop, she is currently selling two Sherlock and two Supernatural keychains, but there are more on the way (I check her shop daily like the creepy fangirl I am). Go buy one! Tell her I sent you! And while you're at it make it sound as if I were the Wicked Witch with her flying monkeys because that would be super cool! :D

And since we're still in Happy Premiere Week, the new Modern Family episodes were great! And Cam and Mitchell managed to make me cry, again. It happens at least once a season with those two. What can I say, they are adorable, and I'm weak. ^^
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Yay, spring! Yyyyyaaaaaayyyyyy! I still can't believe it's finally spring. Such warm, fantastic weather. I still have a few things to do today, but after that nothing will stop me from enjoying a lovely walk in the sun, oh yeah.

We have a new member of my growing teddy bear collection, and it's a special one indeed.

Story time! Exactly one year ago I went to London with Tati. It was a wonderful trip, mostly about all things Sherlock Holmes. In the SH museum's shop they had this exact bear, but it was not on sale. Turns out, it's from the Great British Teddy Bear Company, and they are on ebay too. As you can see, it comes with a pipe and a real magnifying glass. The plan was to put it on my Sherlock Holmes shelf, but it's so soft and cute, I'm going to put it next to Captain Martin Crieff instead, where I can hug them whenever I want to! *____* Yes, I give my teddy bears Cabin Pressure names. Snoopadoop Noblest of Bears sleeps in my bed, for your information. ;)

In family news, my aunt came back from a week in Prague with her students (she's a high school teacher), and she's absolutely in love with that city. She promised she'll take me there soon, just the two of us. I melted in a poodle of happy goo just at the thought. ♥
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Remember all the cardio I did the other day? It's come back to bite me in the ass, literally. So many cramps in places I didn't even know had muscles. Had to skip gym today because of all the gym last monday, what the hell. Not to mention Sakura is feeling extra cuddly today, and doesn't understand why everytime she jumps on my stomach I push her away crying. She thinks it's a new game, I'm sure. Right now she's trying to climb my right arm, so any typo is her fault.

This morning I bought a new external hard drive, because the one I had was already full. I did a quick research online, and found out that they're doing them in terabytes now. Wow. I remember a few years back terabytes were for Nasa only. In the end I bought a Western Digital one, 1 terabyte of space (again, wow), and already filled 100 gbs of space with tv series and comfort movies. Yes, I made a folder specifically for movies that I watch when I'm feeling sad and need a hug, even if I have them all on bluray in the other room, but hey, there are never too many copies of my favourite movies. :D

Here it is, right out of the box, with the new The Hobbit artbook:

I've already ordered a bunch of stickers from RedBubble, for the laptop and the external hard-drives. They're going to look so pretty. *______*

And say hello to my new wallet!

I'm predictable, I know. It's leather, so it smells awesome, and has a billion pockets inside and doesn't look weird even if I filled it with coins.

On other fandom news, I'm up-to-date with Gravity Falls, which is an incredibly awesome series, and everyone should watch it, and has the most beautiful and realistic sibling relationship I've ever seen in western animation (except for Lilo and Nani, of course) and I'm totally Dipper. :D Seriously, watch it, you'll thank me.

And kudos to those kind souls who scan and upload online comics the very day they're released. I just finished reading the new Hawkeye issue, and it was, in a (predictable) word, BRILLIANT. I love everything about this series, the women, the fashion, the "bro" guys, everything! \o/
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And we have another episode title for Sherlock! Also one of my favourite stories and the first I ever read, so yay. ;)

drumroll! )

Only one title left!
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What a wonderful day! We spent it all in a SPA, my aunt, uncle and I. Outside it was raining and cold, we chose the perfect day indeed. We bought the whole package, and spent five hours being pampered (I swear there were moments I could hear John Finnemore's sketch about being pampered playing in my head!). First we spent 30 minutes in the sauna, where I had to take off my glasses. So my aunt and uncle took turns guiding me holding my hand. Then we went in the jacuzzi, which was incredibly fun. As soon as they turned the bubbles on we all started laughing out loud, playing in the water, trying to float. :D

Then it was time for our massages, which was a first for me. The guy was really sweet, and my god it felt wonderful. My back feels like it's made of pudding and rainbows. I'm definitely going to do it again. *_____*

It was time for the sauna again, except this time a guy walked past me in his red bathsuit, that was identical to John's infamous red pants (if you don't know what I'm talking about, check reapersun's blog on tumblr), so I froze on the spot, with two thoughts screaming through my head: "don't stare at his crotch" and "don't laugh". My uncle had to rescue me, I was standing there giggling helplessly. :D

There was also a room where we walked through hot water and then cold water, for the legs. My uncle and I jumped up and down in the hot water, and then rushed through the cold one, like kids, it was so much fun. *___*

Yesterday my aunt and I went to the cinema to watch Anna Karenina. We both loved it, and we stopped afterwards to talk about it with a few Russian women who were sitting next to us. It was so interesting to hear their thoughts about the movie!

Sadly tomorrow is my last day here, but I'm trying not to think about that. ^^
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As everybody knows, I hate spoilers. On the other hand, I don't consider episode titles spoilers, but some of you possibly do, so here's a helpful cut. You've all been warned.

The title of the first episode of the third season of Sherlock is...*drumroll* )

I definitely need a cup of tea.
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Spring is finally here! Yes! I finally got my spring jacket out of the wardrobe, and all around Venice people were taking off their coats and walking around in their shirts, because the sun was so warm. I also discovered a nice chocolaterie (yep, a shop where they make and sell all kinds of Venetian chocolate stuff), and bought enough chocolate to last me for a month. Still, I promised the girl there I'd be back before that, because there's Tati's birthday, and my aunt is coming in two weeks, and, you know, chocolate. And in two days from today I'll be in Florence for the Mumford & Sons concert. Such a wonderful week! \o/

And look what finally arrived. I ordered them back in January, but the package was blocked at customs, in Milan, and I had to send them all kinds of info, and then call them on the phone, and I was starting to think I'd only get them after the next movie. Just when I was about to lose all hope, today they finally arrived:

There's no way they'll all fit in the tea cabinet. Also, my aunt is going to take a look at all that tea and laugh her sides off. But it's worth it! And my therapist says that I should just throw myself in the Tolkien fandom, because it's a trauma overcome, so they are therapeutic. Yes, I'm going to go for that excuse with my aunt. ;)

Now I should probably do the pre-trip laundry, which mostly consists of running around the house, tripping on Sakura while shouting "where are my socks?! I can't find any underwear!". Good times. :D

EDIT: Benedict Cumberbatch just confirmed the cast signed on for a 4th season of Sherlock!!! Let the celebrations begin!!! In my case, a hot cup of Bilbo Brew:

Irish breakfast, sweet potato, vanilla green and cinnamon bits. It tastes like a sunny meadow in the summer, with just that bit of a spice to be ready for an adventure. *______*
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day one • a song
day two • a picture
day three • a book/ebook/fanfic
day four • a website
day five • a youtube clip

Starting with the ebook, there's a great site called Project Gutenberg where you can download hundreds of classic novels, completely free (also legal, which doesn't hurt).

Then, the book. I'm currently reading North & South (by the way, I found the soundtrack of the tv series online, if anyone is interested just tell me and I'll give you a link), Toothiana, Queen of the Fairy Armies (the third Guardians book by William Joyce) and The Hobbit, because I'm physically incapable of reading one book at a time. No wonder sometimes I get the storylines confused. :D Anyway, for this meme I thought it would be nice to post pictures of my first The Hobbit copy. My parents gave it to me when I was six, and my sister and I read it so many times we knew it backwards. It still has notes in my sister's handwriting, and a portrait of Smaug by yours truly in pencil.

Bonus picture, my Tolkien shelf! All the books I own, both in Italian and in English, the artbooks, the soundtracks and the movies. I'm quite proud of this one. ;)

Then, the fanfic! It was so easy to choose, the first place goes to Of Ghosts And Men, by the amazing [ profile] stardust_made.

It's a serious crossover between Sherlock and Supernatural, although you don't have to know both to appreciate it. It's wonderful, realistic, and believable, with perfect voices and characterizations. The writing is, in a word, beautiful. Think good wine, jazz music on vynil and a sunny afternoon all rolled into one, that's how beautiful it is. Quite frankly, I would read a ten-page-long shopping list if it were written by her. Except in this case it's a fascinating story that will leave you asking for more at every new chapter.

And let me also add, it's an epic, and as any fan of The Fall will tell you, Epics are great. ;) Here's on AO3 too, just in case.
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I managed to drink some tea, eat a few cookies, I'm slowly feeling better. It's been snowing a lot since this morning, and there's a crazily high alert for acqua alta tomorrow in Venice, two events that don't make any sense at all together, but we already knew this winter is batshit crazy. There's some news of the day that I wanted to comment on here, but first, let's proceed with this week's meme:

day one • a song
day two • a picture
day three • a book/ebook/fanfic
day four • a website
day five • a youtube clip

Sakura has been my shadow all day. She realized something was wrong when I woke her up running to the bathroom at 2 am, so she joined me on the couch and never took her eyes off me since then. She's the mom in our relationship, what can I say. Just before dinner she decided she wanted to go out a bit, and I grabbed my camera and opened the door for her. She took two steps on the freshly fallen snow and jumped back in horror. I took this picture, scooped her up and put her back on the couch. :D

Now, the news of the day! First, pre-production on the third season of Sherlock has officially started, and filming will start in March. I'm definitely too weak to flail my arms and squee like such a piece of news would deserve, but I'm celebrating in my mind. ;)

Then, the ninth season of Supernatural is now official! I wasn't really worried, since they've been doing way better numbers than last year, but it's great to see it confirmed. \o/

Last but definitely not least, the Pope has resigned. Now, I live in the most Catholic country of all, and let me tell you, it is a big deal. He was supposed to die. This is the third time ever, and the first one in 600 years, what the hell. Popes don't resign, popes die. What the double hell. I still have to decide what the best part was: the hundreds of jokes that appeared on my Facebook dash (I follow quite a few Atheistic groups) in less than fifteen minutes, Tati and I reading the announcement online and laughing our asses off every two words, my attempt at a happy dance even when every muscle in my body was hurting. And on mom's birthday too! She would have loved this! *_________*
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What a lovely day! My mouth isn't hurting anymore, my aunt is back home from her parents, so she can have a bit of rest, it's less than 24 hours until the new Cabin Pressure season, this afternoon I went to the cinema to watch Wreck-It Ralph and I adored it! Again, what an amazing year for animated movies! And what an adult storyline too, there were a couple of very strong scenes that I wouldn't have expected in a kids movie (not since 1989, at least), and the final boss was the right mixture of terrifying and disgusting, loved it! A strong plot with characters who don't have to be likable but have their flaws, thus being real. It's a new golden age for animated movies, at last. *_____*

Today was also a day of great mail! First, TEAS. So many teas.

I actually own only half of those, 007, Quartermaster and Reichenbach Reunion, while Tati bought Dean, Castiel and Destiel. My good padawan. I'll never stop reminding her that *I* got her into Supernatural. *_____* Anyway, I still haven't tried any of them, and yes, I still have tons of old teas in my tea cabinet but you should all know by now that new teas make me happy and I'm a weak person. :D

More than a month ago I bought a few stickers from Red Bubble, whose only flaw is their incredibly slow delivery times. Anyway they are so pretty I'll forgive them anything. I bought them for my desk, there's a cabinet I'm turning into an Altar To The Gods of Fandom or something of the sort. ^^

Saving the best for last, it's lovely [ profile] stardust_made's christmas gift to me, she's so wonderful! Look at all the cute Sherlock adorableness, AND the incredibly appropriate pin for the day. :D

Off to bed for me then, it's been a lovely but very long day, and tomorrow I have therapy in the morning. ^^
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This is it, the first picture of 2013, taken a few minutes after the stroke of midnight:

Because this is the first thing we do, after toasting to the New Year. ;)

I'm hoping LJ will start working again, this is a very unfortunate time of the year to stop working, not to mention I still have lots of persons to send virtual gifts to. Talking of mechanical faults, and because I want to start this new year with silly anedoctes, the other day my Kindle, for the very first time, stopped working. I was curled up in bed reading a rather hot fanfic, and it died on the most NC17 page of all. Got stuck there. And when I realized it wouldn't restart and nothing worked, I made then and there a solemn oath to buy a new one instead of calling support because then I would have to refuse to take a picture of what was the problem. :D Couldn't it get blocked two pages earlier when they were still having coffee?!

Anyway, with the help of google, I fixed it, and now it's working fine. Apparently it's something the software does from time to time, but it had never happened to me. It was quite a scare. But it was also really really funny. XD

Hope you will all have a fantastic new year! \o/
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HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! I used to celebrate it every year with my family, we loved spooky stuff. And pumpkins. And Tim Burton. :D The super secret project for my home is going nice and steady, and should be finished next week, I can't wait to post some pictures here.

Look what I got in the mail today! It's not my fault, it's Amazon's fault! They charge three pounds for a book! I'm weak!

For those who missed the specific entry, watch Moone Boy. Download it, buy it, stream it, it's SO BEAUTIFUL. You'll thank me. Then there's Birdy's debut album, since I had almost all songs in various fanmixes, and loved them all. I can't believe she's half my age. And a bunch of books recommended by many friends both on LJ and on Tumblr. Watership Down is there because the movie traumatized me as a kid (I had nightmares for weeks, scared my parents a lot), and I want to get over that trauma and enjoy a beautiful book. I saw it quoted on a couple of beautiful Teen Wolf gifsets, and decided it was time to face the past and the rabbits from Elm Street. :D

Most important of all, the Sherlock calendar is here! It's even better than in the pictures, I love it! \o/

This morning I bought Assassin's Creed III, but I'll have to wait until next week to play it. I had a weird experience in the store, there were a bunch of customers in line before me, all there to buy the same game, and they were all men. The cashier recognized me and greeted me when I came in, so everyone turned around and looked at me bug-eyed, as if it was absurd for a girl to be there to buy an Assassin's Creed game. Weird as hell, because it's the first time ever I've been treated differently for being a girl gamer. No one was rude, of course, but they looked at me like I'd just sprout wings. Weird.

I'm having a really great time with my aunt, I missed this so much. ♥
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First things first, my aunt is here! We had pizza for lunch, orange juice and chocolate. I always feel like a kid when I'm around her, in a lovely way. ^^ I gave her her birthday gift, we gossiped about some of our relatives, and complained a lot about the cold weather. :D

Look what arrived today!

I read only a couple of pages, but it's hilarious. It's written by John, with Sherlock leaving whiny, smug yellow notes everywhere. Except for the Reichenbach Fall chapter, where the only note by Sherlock is on the final page. And according to Richard Brook's curriculum vitae, one of his roles was Algie in The Importance Of Being Earnest. I have no idea why, but I found that hilarious. :D

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