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First things first, look what finally arrived!

Yes, it's my third time buying a Cabin Pressure boxset, and my stereo is still broken, but it has a booklet and extras! And there's the new Souvenir Programme seasons too! Last time I tried to buy them, they got lost somewhere in Germany, not kidding. But now my collection is finally complete! It's definitely time to buy a new stereo though. As it is I have to use my super old portable cd player, and it's a miracle that thing still works.

I have a new entry for the Reading Bingo, completely unplanned too. In Italy today was the "M'Illumino Di Meno" day, a day to turn off the lights to remind ourselves not to waste electricity. This time it was twice as special, as Sam Cristoforetti took a picture of our country from space at the moment when all lights were turned off. Since we were supposed to keep the lights off for an hour, from 6 pm to 7 pm, I sat on the couch with the cat in the dark and read a book I'd just bought on Amazon with the Kindle app on my phone. I didn't like the book, but the experience was still lovely, although a bit claustrophobic. We are indeed creatures of the light.

The square is "A Short Book", and the book is Your Body is an Ocean: Love and Other Experiments by Nikita Gill. I found a couple of quotes by her I liked on tumblr, got curious, and since the book itself was really cheap, I bought it. Sadly, apart for a couple of inspired lines, the book itself is boring and pretentious. It's 33 short stories, poems, dialogues, but they all read as something written by a teenager who's very full of herself. There's this pervasive feeling of the author being that one special snowflake, and all stories are about doomed romances. With the exception of a couple of clumsy attempts at addressing mature romance, it's mostly about a young girl and a young boy falling out of love. Not as cheesy as it could be, just very boring, with nothing original or truly personal to say. Not once I felt connected to the author, or to her characters, not once I felt like she was truly feeling what she was writing about.

Basically, this is what it made me feel like.

In other news, I learned how to play Johnny Cash's Hurt with my ukulele. All while learning that it's a cover of a Nine Inch Nails song. What the hell, I was so sure it was a Cash song, it never even occured to me that I could be wrong! I listened to the original, only 20 years late to the party, and I liked it, but not nearly as much as I love Cash's version. Which is also surprisingly easy to play. I should work on the strumming pattern though, that's the hard part.
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Here in Italy today's a holiday, but instead of celebrating the Three Wise Men, like in other european countries, we get gifts from the Befana. It's an old lady who flies on a broom and brings candy or coal to kids. We leave stockings for her to fill. I can proudly say I never got a piece of coal in my life, except for when I stole it from my cousin's stockings (they're sugar, and delicious). :D This year I got a full stocking of candy, and it was the best one yet, prepared by the wonderful [ profile] space_oddity_75 and her brilliant daughter, and it's all *drumroll* Cabin Pressure themed!

It's the most awesome stocking ever. I kept digging inside and giggling like a lunatic. We've got mini-muffins, honey from Uskerty (beeees!), a capsized duck, chocolate coins, a toblerone, a travelling lemon bag for tea bags, cheesecake-flavoured sweets, orange tictacs, a paper trumpet (I should always carry one with me, one never knows), and I've already eaten half of the Yellow Cane, and it tastes like lemon, delicious!

In other news, I've been going through my Netflix list, and I just finished my Father Ted marathon. I loved it, although I did find the ending depressing, for obvious reasons. So I immediately moved on to The Vicar of Dibley, which is adorable, although going from an atheist religious sit-com to a religious religious sit-com was a very weird mental shift. :D I am enjoying it a lot anyway, even if I started it because I knew Richard Armitage was in it, and only later I found out he only appears in the last two episodes. Oops. This is like the time when I started watching Doctor Who because somebody told me John Simm was in it. :D

And now, I'll have some mini-muffins with my tea, Ute, thank you. *____*
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Hi everybody! I finally have five minutes of free time to check the computer and write you an entry! I arrived here at my family's place on saturday, and ever since I've been showered with affection by everyone. I'm so relaxed I feel like I can even breathe better. My oldest cousin and I are playing Kingdom Hearts every evening together. I went out for sushi with my aunt. We did all the xmas shopping together. I'm downloading all sorts of music for my uncle, who bought a new car that has a usb port on the radio thingy, and it can play mp3s. Later today we'll try it and see how it works. There's a cake on the counter that's just for me, because they know I love Sachertorte and they made me one! And there's a huge pile of gifts under the tree, and my cousins and I have to fight my aunt away because she wants to check hers, but we don't want her to guess what's inside! :D

I really, really needed all this. ^^

As for my fandoms, I'm obviously cut off everything. Regarding Vicious, Miranda and Good Omens, I'll just wait until I go back home. But for Cabin Pressure, I need a favour: could any of you lovely folks link me a downloadable version as soon as you get one? I won't be able to listen to it live, and I know I'll find spoilers if I look for it myself. Thanks a lot! \o/

Edit :
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First day of the Cabin Pressure advent, and I'm currently cooking risotto while listening to Abu Dhabi. It's not surprising rice (thank god), but I guess it still counts. ^^

It's been a quiet few days. I'm feeling better and better every day, I've started singing along to my favourite songs again, and it feels like everything's gone back to normal. I even bought the first xmas gift, for Tati. I haven't put up the tree yet, obviously, but I still put the present where the tree usually stands. It's a great start.

In fandom news, I'm mostly playing Dragon Age Inquisition. Sadly I have the party banter glitch too, so that means almost no party banter on missions, and no background music. A real shame. But other than that I'm loving this game. I just finished Here Lies The Abyss, and now I have a few days of levelling up ahead of me.
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Another Reading Bingo update, and sorry for spamming your friends page with these. ^^

For the "A Book With A One-Word Title" I read Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl. I bought it because the cover art was by gingerhaze, an artist I love. I devoured the whole book in less than a day, it was wonderful. It's the story of Cath, a fanfiction writer who's on her first year of university, has social anxiety, and whose relationship with her twin sister is starting to crumble. She falls in love, tries to keep the deadlines on her hugely popular Harry/Draco fic, all the while worrying about her family and her future. Story-wise, it's nothing new, but the characters are so alive and real that it all feels new and exciting. The importance of fandom for Cath is described with love and respect, and every chapter starts with an excerpt from either a fic by Cath, or from the imaginary Harry Potter books she adores (they're not called Harry Potter, but they're obviously talking about Harry and Draco). Plus the writing is great, fluid and fresh, and the author avoids all the tropes she could have easily fallen into. If I had to find one flaw, I'd say the ending is a bit rushed, but that's probably because I was loving the characters so much I didn't want it to end.

If you have the chance, read it, especially if you're a fanfic writer/reader and would love to see yourself represented in mainstream media. It's an act of love for fandom, and a beautiful story too. What more could we ask for? *_____*

And a couple of videos for you too! First, Nancy Sinatra's original music video for These Boots Are Made For Walking. It's the most 60s video to ever exist. If we had to explain what the sixties looked like to an alien, we'd just show them this video. I laughed so much I almost fell off my chair, and then I remembered my formative years were spent in the 80s and 90s and I have no right to talk. :D

Then, here's the latest Final Fantasy XV trailer. Oh yeah, look at those PS4 graphics! Dayum! Sadly Tetsuya Nomura just left the project to focus on Kingdom Hearts III, but he left the helm to the director of Crisis Core, so no worries there. ^^

And here's a random video from EuroAirDotCon, just because. :D

Now, it's back to working on my aunt's birthday gift. I have a week to complete it, and no time to lose! \o/

Bing bong!

Aug. 26th, 2014 09:47 am
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Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, back from Euro AirDotCon, the first european Cabin Pressure convention.

It was, in a word, BRILLIANT.

I'm on my aunt's computer, and that means I'm writing to you from 1998, so I can't really re-size pictures, or do anything but post a few pictures other people took. Sorry again for the weird sizes:

Here's me and John Finnemore on the first day. He's an absolutely amazing person, very kind, a great listener, and he was truly blown away by this convention and how much us fans love his show. I'm seriously considering building a monument to the wonderful minds who put this convention together. It was an experience full of fun, and love for this wonderful show, and everything was perfect.

Again, weird size, I know, but I just can't put these pictures under a cut. They just make me so happy! Bear with me for a while. This is my AMAZING team, Icarus Removals, the team who won the Fizz Buzz Quiz. It was 25 questions written by John Finnemore, and they were insanely hard, and as winners we got six pages of the St Petersburg's original script, signed by John Finnemore. Mine is the "nice hot cup of coffee" one. Bury me with it, please.

Group picture at the end of the last day. Most people had already left, sadly, but we still had time to take pictures and sing songs. A wonderful, wonderful girl from Norway brought her ukulele and sang an original song about Xinzhou, and we all sang along and John recorded us on his phone. Then a small group of us managed to sing Those Magnificent Men with John, who sang in character as Arthur!

There are so many more brilliant stories I just have to tell you about this convention and the great people I met there (I have fifteen new friends on facebook, and I already have plans to meet at least half of them when I go back home), but that'll have to wait when I have my own pc and I can use the pictures I took on my camera.

Up, down, flying around...
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Things that have happened during the weekend: on saturday I got a really huge scare when I had, for the very first time, a vascular spasm behind my right eye. I've been suffering from retinal migraine for years now, but it has always only affected the left eye, the one that's almost blind. Given that it had never happened before to the right one, and that it's the one I use to see, I freaked out big time. I called my therapist and she helped me through some breathing exercises, and the whole thing lasted around 25 minutes. It's not serious, per se, but shit, it was super scary. So now it's a thing that can affect both eyes. Oh joy.

Stupid brain.

Summer seems to be suddenly over. It's cold and cloudy, looking a lot like September decided to come early this year. I cleaned the air conditioning filters, switched my usual shorts for trousers, and got the obligatory cold. Nothing more than a bit of a sore throat and the occasional sneezing, but it's a sure sign the weather is changing. Goodbye cute shorts, hello propolis.

And today the latest package from AdagioTeas arrived! Like last time, I asked them to write the amount I'd spent on it on the outside of the package, and lo and behold it arrived in less than a week!

For the first time ever I made an order based on the individual recipes, and not because of the fandoms. There's two ginger-based teas, the best thing for when I'm sick, some white tea, a couple of very light teas for the evening, and a couple of teas with ingredients I've never tasted before. Can't wait to try them!

I've finished buying all train tickets, printing them, making a list of clothes to pack. On thursday I leave for Milan, then during the weekend it's Euro AirDotCon time, then on monday I'll leave for my aunt's place, where I'll spend a whole week pampered to and spoiled silly. It's going to be awesome! *___________*

So get ready, when I come back there's gonna be two picture-heavy series of entries: the long over-due one for London, and one for Milan. ♥
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We're back to normal summer standards: the air is so hot, thick and humid the sun isn't actually visible, and we're up to 37 degrees. My aunt is in Sicily visiting her parents, and every day she calls me telling me of wonderful clear skies, and a moon so big and bright the night turned into day. I'm so jealous!

Being forced inside during the weekend, much like a vampire during the day, made me tick a few movies off my Netflix list. So here's three reviews for all you lucky fellas!

First, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, a charming 2008 movie with Amy Adams being wonderful, Lee Pace looking hot and singing while looking hot, and a wonderful Frances McDormand, who I already fell in love with in Fargo, and it turns out she can play an incredibly convincing London governess too. Woman after my heart. The movie itself was lovely, with very interesting camera work and great acting performances. Definitely going to watch it again.

Then it was time for Clueless, a 1995 adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma. First, it's a bloody good adaptation. They managed to translate the spirit of the book perfectly, and I would have never thought a Jane Austen story could work outside of its original time and setting. Kudos. That being said, it's the most 90est movie to ever exist. It was so ninety I almost burst into flames from flashbacks. I can't believe I lived my teen years through all that. It sometimes almost looks like a parody of a 90 movie, as every single second has an outdated pop culture reference, a fashion horror, a pager, a cellphone with an antenna, young Turk from Scrubs, Vizzini, or that guy from First Wives' Club. It has to be seen to be believed. It's more ninety than Friends.

Plus it's to Jane Austen what The Forbidden Planet is to The Tempest.

Last but not least, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson's latest movie. I absolutely loved Moonrise Kingdom, and thought it was his masterpiece, and then this gem came along and it was just so perfect I don't know what to believe anymore. It has that Wes Anderson style cranked up to eleven, so much so that it reminded me of Fantastic Mr Fox, but with people, and it's amazing. Ralph Fiennes is incredible, the dialogues are incredible, I loved it. And it plays with time through screen ratio, I loved that. Such a great movie.

Yesterday I bought my train ticket to Milan, as I'm attending the Euro AirDotCon later this month. It's the first Cabin Pressure convention ever, and John Finnemore will be there, and I'm so excited I have no words. Literally. I'll probably just stare at him and make a high-pitched sound until [ profile] space_oddity_75 throws a bucket of water at me, I just know it. :D

And last and very much least, today I made a Twitter account. I'm not planning on writing anything there, I just wanted a nice, clean dashboard for the few persons I wanted to follow, like Joseph Fink or Edgar Wright. If any of you are on Twitter, drop me a link, so I can follow you too. ^^
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Just came back from the dentist. Everything's fine, the gums have healed properly, and as long as I promise to be careful while brushing my teeth I won't have to go back until next year for my usual check-up. The euphoria hasn't settled in yet because I'm dead tired from the stupid tracheitis, but I can feel it approaching. I'll probably burst into joyful tears later today at a very inappropriate moment, I just know it.

I have another appointment in the afternoon, to check the otitis. In the meanwhile I should probably go back to bed, since yesterday I spent the whole day running from one place to another, coughing, doing more running, and didn't even find the time to eat. Unacceptable. But first, here's another Reading Bingo square:

For the "Free Square" one, because holy hell these squares are getting harder and harder to fill, I went with a short story I read in the South Terminal of Gatwick Airport, Annie Proulx's Brokeback Mountain. I'm not sure what I thought of it. I really liked the language, word choices, structure, and the style in general. But having seen the movie, it felt like reading a very rushed synopsis of it. And I know it's dumb, because the movie was based on the short story, not the other way around, but I fear that seeing the movie first completely ruined the short story for me. Plus it's an even more depressing story than I remembered. Really, really depressing. I'd really love to read a story about two guys, or two girls, who fall in love and live happily ever after. Seriously, I still have to read anything, outside the wonderful realm of fanfiction, where gay romance has a happy ending.

I'll probably be back later today with news from the ear doctor and another Reading Bingo square. And look, new Cabin Pressure icon! This is what happens when I listen to Pink Floyd's Learning to Fly too many times in a row, as it's my #1 MJN Air song. I should definitely do a fanmix. But for now, bed.
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Here it is, the promised update! I went to see my doctor this morning, and he was amazing. He prescribed me some drops (which he said were a bland tranquilizer, but I believe were unicorn tears), and I took them right after lunch. Two hours later, my heartrate had dropped to normal, I was breathing at a steady pace, and I was finally hungry again. I ate a sandwich, a banana and a cup of yogurt, and I'm still hungry! And yawning like crazy, because I stopped drinking tea yesterday and it's taking its toll. I also managed to watch the new episode of Supernatural because my brain could finally focus again. Awesome! Plus, it was an awesome episode, so double yay!

And John Finnemore announced he's writing the last episode of Cabin Pressure, which will be broadcasted early next year, and it'll be 45 minutes long. I'm still riding the endorphins here, so I'm super happy we're finally getting Zurich, even if I know the minute it'll be over I'll dissolve in a puddle of tears.

And at the doctor I got to meet a super nice old lady who lives across the street, and we became friends. So all in all, it's been a great day! Now I only have to be good, rest for a week, take my drops for six days, endure the stupid medical exam, and then I'll probably throw a party to celebrate. ;)
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I'm feeling better! Not out of the woods yet, but the coughing fits have almost disappeared, and I have no more headaches. Yay! Although I called my therapist to hear how she was doing, and she forbade me to go to the gym tomorrow, says it's still too soon for me. Crap. Cough syrup toast to another evening inside then.

Anyway, that wasn't the point of this entry. The point of this entry is to shamelessly advertise the wonderful new Etsy shop of a friend of mine, Florealpolla, because she's super talented and I want all my friends to see her work:

This one is for the Sherlock fans. She made a wonderful John too. ♥

EDIT: Added John here, because [ profile] stardust_made asked me to and I'm unable to refuse her anything. ♥

And here's my favourite item, a super elegant bookmark with Sam and Dean Winchester watching over your readings. Aren't they adorable?

She also has Merlin, Thor and Star Trek keychains, all in her wonderful style. And she ships worldwide!

*end of shameless advertising*

Time for my third aerosol, and then dinner while listening to Cabin Pressure. I've been marathoning the whole series from the beginning, instead of listening to a random different episode every night like I usually do. ^^
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Here I am with another cute meme because I'm waiting for a call from my aunt and I have some time to kill. Stolen from [ profile] harriet_yuuko. ♥

Choose five of your favourite (and may I add 'current') fandoms

First character you fell in love with
The character you never expected to love so much
The character you're most like
The character you'd slap
The character you'd sleep with
Your five favourite characters
Your OTP
The pairing you love but isn't your OTP
A pairing you hate
Who's more likely to win the Hunger Games
Who's less likely to win the Hunger Games

Person of Interest, Cabin Pressure, Star Trek (reboot), Supernatural, Avengers (MCU). )

This was fun. :D No call yet, I'll just go and have lunch then. ^^
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Experts say the second major heat wave of the year will hit this weekend, with temperatures reaching 43 degrees. That means I bought groceries like for a seige, and even cleaned the air conditioning filters again, just in case. I'm ready. *cocks shotgun*

And because the universe has a weird sense of humour, today was also the day my Cabin Pressure wrist warmers arrived. They're adorable, but they made me squirm a lot while taking this picture. When it's 34 degrees outside it's hard to believe I'll ever wear wool again. :D

So now I have the hat and I have the straps on my arm. I'm all set! \o/

A few other wonderful things arrived. First, a Sherlock comic made by some of my favourite artists, telling the story of Sir Boast-A-Lot. Awesome. And the two seasons of Interrobang Studios' fantastic webcomic Ensign Sue Must Die. It's the hilarious and absolutely brilliant story of the Star Trek crew dealing with a new ensign, Mary Sue, and their attempts at getting rid of her. In the second season the Mary Sues cause a laceration in space and time and The Tenth Doctor, Sherlock Holmes, and many other beloved characters have to help Kirk's crew find and imprison the Sues. In Pokemon balls.

Seriously, just read it, it's fantastic. :D

Also, new blog banner! Yay!
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Third and final part here!

We're busy doin' nothin'/Workin' the whole day through/Tryin' to find lots of things not to do )

No cut here because it deserves to be seen by everyone. Behold! The ultimate Cabin Pressure picture! Bonus points if you read it very fast like a caption (Jelly Babies to manual/Talisker-Talisker/Toblerone, I could get him a Toblerone/Attention, mes amis, regardez-vous le bear polar!).

...and now Talisker instructions! )

In conclusion, fantastic journey, superb company, fantastic food, 10/10. ♥
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I'm eating shortbread, drinking kiwi juice, and regretting living inside a witch's cauldron. Time to stop complaining about the weather and getting started on my London post!

The lovely [ profile] space_oddity_75 and I are huge Cabin Pressure fans, and when last December we read that Roger Allam was going to be Prospero in The Tempest we decided to book a trip to London to see him. First on saturday evening, then the matinée on sunday. Then she found out John Simm was going to be in The Hothouse that same weekend and we bought tickets to that too. It was a fantastic weekend of fine theatre with two of our favourite actors. \o/ I took a lot of pictures, so this post will be divided in three parts. I'm not even sorry.

I have to watch the river/To see that it doesn't stop/And stick around the rosebuds/So they'll know when to pop. )

Onward to the second part.
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My collection is finally complete!

Yep, I got the Collected Series just to have Molokai. In my defense, it is Cabin Pressure. ♥
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Yay, I survived the gym yesterday! Had to stop and sit down after 25 minutes of cardio, but hey, everybody gave me compliments and considering my stamina was on holiday on the moon I'd say I did good. :D

Today was quite the eventful day. I met with Tati and two friends I hadn't seen in months, and oh boy did we walk a lot. Tomorrow is going to be a day of cramps, but it was worth it. We spent a lovely day, exchanged birthday gifts horrifyingly late, visited two different libraries to look for a criminology handbook and found a copy of Le Petit Prince in Arabian instead (so pretty!), I ate an heroic amount of delicious Chinese and bought an Iron Man mug (I broke my Merida mug the other day and needed a replacement). We all had a wonderful time. ♥

Also my aunt is in Prague with her students (she's an economy teacher in high school), and she just sent me a text saying she's "in a pub, eating fried stuff, sitting between the ass of a boar and the ass of a deer" which I assume are stuffed on the wall. I obviously requested pictures. :D

And this is a wonderful Cabin Pressure video, because I need something brilliant after sitting through 90 excruciatingly boring minutes of Dredd. God, that movie was more boring than flying over Russia with no coffee. So very, very boring.
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Getting ready for the gym! I haven't been there in nearly two months, it's going to be fun. I'll probably collapse on the floor five minutes in, but what the hell, it was time to go back! And I missed everyone there too. Not to mention I'm ridiculously out of shape, I get out of breath walking up the stairs to my door, this is unacceptable.

Highlights of the day! I finally recieved my copy of the Travelling Lemon book! It's the most marvellous pdf that ever was, and I already recognized two friends and my entry got a whole page and there are so many awesome places, it's amazing! I spent a good ten minutes squeeing and flailing my arms like a muppet and then called Tati and proceeded to squee in her ear some more. :D

And I finally got my Hawkeye: My Life As A Weapon copy, and holy hell it is so GOOD. I mean, I knew it was a great book because I only read great reviews about it from people I admire, but I wasn't expecting to be so amazing. Plus the peculiar inking, the way time expands in some pages and jumps from present to past in others reminds me a lot of Clover by CLAMP. Just compare this page to this one to know what I mean. ♥

And off I go to don my gym clothes (Kingdom Hearts t-shirt and black sweatpants), wish me luck! And a higher than usual blood pressure too! ;)
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Obligatory entry with pictures I forgot to post the other day because I'm lazy. :D

I finally found Avengers action figures that include Hawkeye and Black Widow! Yessss! The Disney Store in Florence is five times bigger than the one in Venice, and it felt a lot like Heaven. :D The Phoenix Wright game is a birthday gift from [ profile] juuhachi_go, I started playing it yesterday, and besides a strong deja-vu for all those laywer shows I used to watch when I was a kid (Perry Mason anyone?), I also found out I could never be a lawyer. Five minutes in I was already shouting at my character to just shoot the witness because he was obviously the killer. Oops. I'm having lots of fun. :D

The plan was to put them on the shelf with my Marvel comics, but that's too low a shelf, and Sakura would play with these figures in a second if she could reach them, so I put them on the Tolkien shelf instead. They get to guard Fables and the Walking Dead, it's a good gig. ;)

Got to rush, I just remembered that the second episode of Neverwhere is airing in a couple of hours. I listened to the first episode yesterday and I *loved* it. I'm a huge fan of the book, and was waiting anxiously for this radio show. At first I thought it was a bit confusing for those who hadn't read the book, but after a few minutes it completely won me over. James McAvoy as Richard is amazing, and while everyone is superb, my favourite one so far has to be Anthony Head as Mr Croup. My god, he's brilliant. Also sounds a lot like Herc when he's bitching at Douglas, which is at times both incredibly creepy and absolutely hilarious. Talking about hilarious, Richard calling Hunter a "hooker" over and over again made me almost fall from the couch laughing. I'm a bit sad Romola Garai got such a small part, though. Still, they're all incredible, and I can't wait for tomorrow, when we get to meet Benedict Cumberbatch as the angel Islington. Perfect casting is perfect, everybody go home.
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Time for this week's Cabin Pressure entry, for the finale, Yverdon-Les-Bains. Which was a very beautiful episode, with great acting overall, but especially with Douglas and Martin ripping my heart out of my chest and stomping all over it.

If they don't have a Z episode after this one I'm going to cry an awful lot. This feels like The Hour all over again.

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