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So here's the update about how I've been doing! I still need to learn that my body is a lot weaker than I'm used to, and everytime I'm caught in a cold draft I end up with a stiff neck for a week, coughing and the like. So there's that. But at least I don't panic anymore, and that counts as a win. I've been to therapy twice, tried to arrange for the plumber to come over, I finally got the receipt for my taxes back from the accountant, and arranged a meeting with my lawyer.

Other than that boring - but awesome because it makes me feel like a normal competent adult again - stuff, I've been doing lots of wonderful things that make me feel like a normal adult with hobbies. In no particular order, I've been taking lots of cute pictures of my cat:


Baking cookies for the first time in almost two years:


And they came out delicious, if I do say so myself. I've been playing World of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy XV and enjoying them both a lot, even though I'll have to wait to continue playing FFXV until January because I don't have a PS4 back in Piedmont. The new Rivers of London book finally came out, and it was brilliant. They finally went back to London and the main plot was back again, although I wish they'd spent more time in the Folly. It felt like we were barely there. It was still great to see Nightingale again, though.

I've been binge-watching Supergirl, and it's adorable although the plot is kinda weak, especially considering how it's the strongest aspect of The Flash. I love how the cast is mostly female, and how they are not even in the vicinity of fucking around when talking about sexism. Plus the way the coming out story was handled was perfect and had me in tears at how great it was, and if only they eased up on the love triangles for Kara and gave us a stronger main plot it would be absolutely perfect. I feel a bit envious of today's little girls who have shows like this one, to be honest.

I'm also re-watching season 2 of The Flash because I love it, and I get to watch the blurays on my awesome tv instead of mkv files on my laptop. HD quality, oh yeah. *_____* Today the super crossover finally started (I don't think the Supergirl episode really counts), and it was everything I wanted and more. I watched it twice in a row squealing and cheering. It feels so good to be so invested in a tv show again! \o/
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Only the weekend left then I'm going back to Piedmont. I've got the usual meds on tuesday, then a two-week break, then the monthly shot, and then I'll be back here. I'm really getting the hang of this! I've learned how to stock the cupboards here with nonperishable food, when to book the sessions with my therapist, and how to plan activities based on where I am on any given week. And I've bought travel-sized Lush soaps and shampoos, so I can leave one in each house and always smell great. ^^


Speaking of, my Adagio Teas order finally arrived. I decided to replenish the tea reserves here a month ago, but as always the package got stuck at customs in Milan, and they sent me a bunch of forms to fill out and send them back, asking me crazy questions about my package, like "does it contain seal skins? does it contain products forbidden by the EU like animal bones or explosives?" or basically "are you a terrorist/serial killer?". What the heck. What do people order from the States?!


Other than that I've been enjoying this little holiday a lot. I went to therapy on the hottest autumn day ever, so I took a little stroll downtown before and after, soaking in the sunlight and taking pictures of my beautiful sun-kissed city without the hassle of the hordes of tourists. I love the fall. I resumed playing the drums and the ukulele, but always remembering to stretch because my muscles are still weak and soft.


And I finally managed to take a good picture of Sakura! You know, one where her butt doesn't occupy 90% of the screen. :D The funny thing is, I took this picture when I was really angry with her. I had been searching for her for twenty minutes, and she wasn't answering when I called her, and I couldn't find her anywhere. I started thinking she might have run out of the door, or crazy stuff like that, and then I found her. She had opened my suitcase, that I keep under my bed, and she'd been sleeping inside it the whole time. So I took this picture five minutes later while I was complaining with my aunt on the phone of how Sakura had given me such a scare and wouldn't respond when I called, and sent it with the caption "and she's just sitting here looking all innocent too!".

It is a pretty picture though. :D
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It seems the days of hellish heat and obligatory air conditioner have taken their toll on my body. I have a simple cough, but even with the aerosol therapy it's proving hard to get rid of. I only use the dehumidifier mode on the air conditioning unit, but even so I guess I couldn't escape the obligatory summer cold. At first my chest hurt when I coughed, but after two aerosol sessions the pain stopped, and only the cough remained. It's more annoying than anything else.

Yesterday we had a storm around midnight: it didn't lower the temperatures, but it cleaned the air and at least the ozone levels are back to normal. We've been on high alert for three days, and the air tasted chemical, it was awful. So at least today it's back to normal, sweaty heat, nothing poisonous to it. I just finished washing the floors and doing the laundry, it's nice to be able to keep the windows open for more than a couple of minutes at a time, and the house smells nice and clean. ^^

On fandom news, I finally finished the game Transistor. I first bought it on the PS4 last year, did the tutorial and then forgot about it. I started playing it again last week, and quickly finished it a few days later. It's not a long game, but it's very beautiful, and one that deserves a second playthrough.

The main character is Red, a singer who's lost her voice in an attack at the start of the game. Her fiancee shielded her and got killed, but his soul was preserved in the weapon used by the villain. He's reduced to a voice coming from the sword, the Transistor, that can now only be used by Red. During the game you esplore the city, Cloudbank, while searching for the men who unleashed killer machines on it, and tried to kill you. The soundtrack is splendid and mournful, and while Red cannot talk, her fiancee talks to her constantly, reminisces, helps her, even makes little jokes. It can be very dramatic at times but it's still an amazing experience. It's also on Steam and iOS. ;)

Not to mention, it looks a lot like the anime Gankutsuou. *________*
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Sorry for disappearing, but my aunt came to visit on thursday, and I've been enjoying all the wonderful family time! The heatwave finally arrived, and it's been pretty brutal, so on Sunday we all went to the mountains, my aunt, Tati, and I. To be precise, we went to Cortina D'Ampezzo, Tati's hometown, where they were having a summer festival. If you don't know where that is, it's the most splendid location in the Alps where they shot Bond movies and a lot of other films.

We were blessed with wonderful weather, a truly fantastic day! By noon temperatures hit 30°, which wouldn't be so weird here in Venice, but it's downright crazy up there.

The mountains were as beautiful as always. We ate local pastries (so yummy!), and bread and sausages at the festival stands. I couldn't eat much because the bus driver on the way up drove like a drunk crazy person, and it gave me an awful case of motion sickness. The pure mountain air helped a lot with that, thankfully, but it took a whole day for my stomach to settle.

Oh my, who are these lovely ladies? :D Not pictured: the sunburn on my arms, legs, and neck that I only found back home in the evening. Ouch. :D

More lovely ladies! As you can see I took my Kingdom Hearts tote bag out for a spin, to carry the jackets in case of rain. The rain did come, to be fair, but only five minutes after we left. Oh well.

My aunt left this morning, so I'm feeling a bit lonely. But I also got in a fight with a dumb bird who's been trying to steal from Sakura's food bowl for days now, so I guess it evens out. I honest-to-god grabbed a broom and shook it at the sky while shouting profanities, at 7 in the morning, on my terrace. I think the whole neighbourhood heard my plans of making blackbird pancakes. :D
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On Monday I had a most wonderful evening: a dear friend invited me to a night at the Opera! At the La Fenice theater, the Opera Theater here in Venice, where I hadn't been in years. The philharmonic orchestra there played pieces by Béla Bartók, Johann Strauss and Leoš Janáček (here's the poster), and it was absolutely magical. The Strauss one was especially loved, and after that the soloist came back on stage and played a wonderful improv with four other musicians, who answered his variations in kind. It was so unexpected and lovely, and funny. Everyone loved it, although we were all really surprised, it was quite unexpected. :D

Here's a picture I took before I had to turn the phone off, the musicians hadn't come out yet. We counted 75 of them, a full orchestra, something very rare indeed! They even had one of them playing the tubular bells! I knew of them, but I had never heard them, and they sound exactly like church bells, to the point that more than once I thought the sound was coming from outside. :D

When we came out it was 10 pm, and we had a lovely walk through the quiet, dark streets: no tourists at that hour, it was almost like it used to be when I was a kid, clean and peaceful. It was the city like it should be, but sadly isn't any more.

Sort of on topic, because Venice plays a huge part in this as well, to those of you who haven't watched Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell yet, you should really, really do it. I can't recommend it enough. At first simply because it was one of my favourite novels, but after a couple of episodes it became clear this show is a beautiful masterpiece in its own right. Everything about it is perfectly crafted, the world feels alive, the magic real, and the acting is superb. Do yourself a favour and check it out, and be ready because it'll blow your mind. *_____*
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Today we are going to talk of something special, my very first, and favourite anime of all time: Cowboy Bebop. That's because today the blu ray boxset arrived, and it's fantastic, and I've waited for it ever since they invented the blu ray. But first, a little history!

Back in December 2001, a few months after my sister left us, I had to undergo my first, and very painful surgery. For three months my movements had to be almost completely limited, and I was stuck at home, in pain, and bored out of my mind. My mom kept me company every minute she could, but being a very Catholic woman, every day at 6 pm she would leave the house for Mass, and I would be stuck on the couch watching the tv and waiting for her. So, one day around 6 pm I'm stuck on the couch channel surfing, and I end up on this japanese cartoon, where these two characters are in an elevator talking to each other, and one of them is describing a dream he had with Charlie Parker in it. My parents were huge jazz fans, so my mind went "is he talking about Charlie 'Bird' Parker? I must see this!", and twenty minutes later, I was hooked. It turns out it was the third episode of the show, and they were actually reruns, one episode a day every day. Two days later they aired Ballad of Fallen Angels, and it completely blew my mind. After that, everyday I'd watch the new episode, and then enthusiastically narrate it to my mom. I'd gone from grumpy and in pain to singularly and cheerfully obsessed with this wonderful story. We watched the final episode together, because even God had to wait for that. :D And then I found out about geocities websites, anime music videos, fandom, all because of that show.

So that's what it means to me. Now, what it's all about! Cowboy Bebop is a 1998 anime from Sunrise, set in 2071, following the adventures of a bounty hunter crew and their spaceship, the Bebop. It homages many different cinema genres, from western to pulp fiction, from horror to science fiction. The music, composed by Yoko Kanno, deserves its own essay: Kanno formed a blues and jazz band, the Seatbelts, to perform the magnificent soundtrack, which covers almost every genre, reinventing and recreating them. The music is a vital part of the series, basically a main character in itself. Here's the opening:

And here's a bonus picture with the first edition dvds. Look at my pretties:

It's a masterpiece, and one of the most influential works of art that have ever crossed my path. I'm not kidding when I say I would be a very different person today if I hadn't watched it that fateful February. ^^

So now I know how I'm going to spend my evenings for the next couple of weeks! \o/
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A lot of fandom news, because there's not much real life news going on.

First, damn Netflix for releasing new series just before the weekend. Every single time. This particular weekend was cannibalized by the third season of Orange Is the New Black. Did I learn my lesson last year, when I devoured two seasons in three days and then got sad because I had to wait a whole year for new episodes? Evidently not, because I didn't even try pacing myself, and I finished the third season on Sunday morning. Oh well. Spoiler-free review: I loved it, as expected, and even more than the second one. I truly hated Vee and what she had done to some of my favourite characters, and her absence meant those same characters went back to having proper stories and character development, instead of being henchmen. I loved all the back stories, and even the main theme of the season, Faith (as not-so-subtly hinted by all the promos and posters from the past few months). It was all beautifully done. Great acting all around, as usual. And a strong soundtrack again!

The worst flaw is, at least for me, the main character, Piper. I sort of liked her in the beginning, when she was the stand-in for the audience: as she learned, we learned. But it slowly became obvious she was a selfish, weak, manipulative character with the spine of a jellyfish. I find Alex to be a much stronger character on her own, but who gets sacrificed for the soap opera that is her relationship with Piper. And even if we're finally rid of the awful boyfriend storyline (I can't believe we spent so much time on that), now that Piper's backstory is over, there is absolutely nothing left for her character to do, except for being annoying, and making weird faces. They even introduced a new character, the Aussie girl, in the laziest way ever, just to give her something to do, and yet I was still oscillating between being bored to tears and wanting to smother our protagonist with a pillow. Considering she got significantly less screentime than before, and that most secondary characters had much more intriguing storylines than her, I still found myself scoffing everytime we went back to her. I just can't stand her.

Anyway, great cliffhanger there, wonderful ending, and now it's back to waiting (and hoping against hope they'll kill Piper off next year - yeah, as if that would ever happen).

Speaking of endings, yesterday they aired the final episode of the fifth season of Game of Thrones. Now, save for that awful thing they did back in episode 6, I have to say I really liked this season. It should be noted that the fourth season featured something that triggers me into awful panic attacks, over and over again. Not their fault, because it's not something that ever comes with a warning, and I'm used to being slapped in the face randomly with it, but it was so great to be rid of it, it finally felt safe to watch this show again, and it made me approach my weekly viewings with a clear heart and a happy mind, such a priceless feeling. I bit my nails, cried a bit, made wild theories, it was just like the first season all over again. And I cried out in shock at the ending, great job there. I didn't see that coming at all, holy shit.

They did a beautiful recap of the episode here on RollingStone, and it sums up my thoughts on the matter quite brilliantly. Speaking of, from what I read we have finally reached the books, so from now on it's uncharted waters. Well, at least I won't have to worry for book spoilers anymore (for those of you just tuning in, I read the first two books, didn't like the writing style at all, and dropped them there).

Oh, and Gravity Falls is coming back on July 13th, while Steven Universe has a new marathon week starting tonight. I'm so excited! \o/

Also, the new case and cover for my phone arrived:

Aren't they cute? I bought them both on Etsy! ^^
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It's been a very hot and humid, but absolutely splendid, two days. My mood is great, and that seems to affect everyone I talk to. I feel happy and relaxed, and I'm enjoying everything I do, work and hobbies alike. The other day I continued my Jane Austen week with the 2008 series Lost In Austen. It was so very, very cute, I liked it a lot! It was basically a four-episode-long fanfiction, and it was written with a lot of love for the source material. Plus the cast was great. ^^

Speaking of, today my Pride and Prejudice bookmarks arrived!

I bought them here the very moment I finished the last episode of the 1995 series, and they're already here! They were made by the absolutely amazing Florealpolla, and they're so beautiful, my camera doesn't do them justice at all. ♥

For the last two weeks my cellphone has been acting up: the battery would last only six hours, and it would overheat in seconds. It quickly went from being annoying to being actually scary. So I went and bought a new one. I chose the Samsung S5 because with the recent release of the S6 it was a lot cheaper than before, and I really like Android. ^^

It's great: the details on the screen are sharp and the colours are wonderful, but the light doesn't tire my eyes. It's bigger than what I was used to, but I don't find it hard to use. And all the apps work so much better and faster, it's awesome. I did a back-up of everything a few days ago, so I didn't even have to copy anything on the new phone. ^^

And yesterday I made a lot of Kingdom Hearts ice cream, the summer is officially started. :D
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We're having horrible November weather here. The worst part is that apparently all tourists collectively forget ever having seen rain before as soon as they set foot in Venice, because they instantly don't know how to walk while holding an umbrella. Too foreign a concept. Is there a patron saint of patience? Because I think I scored so many points today from not hitting dumb people across the head with my cute little umbrella I'm pretty sure I'm gonna skip purgatory altogether, let me tell you.

Speaking of stressful situations, a few days ago the wonderful [ profile] silviarambles pointed me in the direction of this amazing thing I had no idea existed, the Art Therapy Colouring Book. It arrived the other day, and I'm absolutely ecstatic about it!

It's a beautiful collection of black and white drawings and patterns to be coloured in as an anti-stress exercise. For all those situations where we need to take our mind off, as a relaxing hobby, or during phone conversations where one would usually doodle on the nearest piece of paper.

Here's my first completed page. That's two phone conversations, one lunch, and one dinner cooking. I hadn't done anything like this in twenty years, it was fantastic. I don't consider myself a very artsy person, so it was a great challenge as well. I brought it to my therapist today, and she loved it. *______*

The paper is very thick, and the colours don't bleed through. It's big, and there are a lot of pages: it'll take me months to finish it. I really can't recommend it enough. ^^
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The picture of the day is my dad's old guitar, back from the music store. It had been in storage for fifteen years, but surprisingly it was all right, except obviously for the strings. I had them put new ones on, and it only cost me fifteen euros. They told me the little bone thing at the top (always at hand with the mot juste, aren't I?) will probably need replacing in the near future though. Me, I'm still shocked it wasn't eaten by termites or something like that.

I'll try and play a few chords on it later. Seeing as I've been learning the ukulele for more than a year now, I'll have to re-learn all chords and where my fingers are supposed to go. It's going to be fun. My therapist told me I need to learn to accept and let my anger free, so this is probably going to help with that. :D

In fandom news, we've had some great season finales: both Person of Interest and Once Upon A Time blew my mind, and I'm very excited to see where they're going next. I finally dropped The Vampire Diaries: it's not that I didn't like it anymore, but it was getting really boring, and I hadn't been looking forward to it for quite some time anyway. And with me having a Netflix subscription now there's a lot of shows I want to see and a very limited amount of time to do it, I have to cut my losses. That's why I decided to drop Sleepy Hollow as well: I loved the first season, but never got around to see the second one. I noticed how most reviewers didn't like this new season at all, and then I read an article that they're going to change the show even further next season, and give it a more procedural feel, with the monster of the week and all. That was the end of it for me.

Yesterday's Supernatural episode was kind of meh. Mostly just a bridge to the finale next week. I'm still cautiously trusting them to do the right thing and fix that horrible mess they wrote themselves into with the last episode, but if they don't, and they're actually planning on reversing to the same tired tropes from the first two seasons, well that's it for me, I won't be back for the next season. Again, lots of great shows, too little time to stick to the ones that've disappointed me. But still, there's one episode left, I would be very happy to be proven wrong.

And while I was typing this entry the mailman rang with this little package from Singapore:

It's Eggsy's necklace from Kingsman The Secret Service, and it's amazing. Way better than I dared hope. It's a perfect replica, sturdy, and it looks incredible. Plus it arrived just in time for the release of the movie in digital hd tomorrow. I only watched it once in the cinema two months ago, and ever since I've been dying to experience it in the original language. And now I have my necklace to wear while watching it too! Tomorrow can't come soon enough! ♥
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It's such a beautiful day today, sunny and hot, like summer! I'm leaving the house at noon, and that means it's time for a short skirt, and let those milky white legs get some sun! :D My therapist just called me, and she told me it's so hot downtown I should definitely wear sandals. Yesssss.

In other news, here's a random picture I took yesterday for a friend, to show her what happens when I try to read on the couch in the living room:

I'm a guest in my own house. :D

In other-other news, we have a date for the Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell premiere: 17/05. That's way earlier than I thought! I truly can't wait, although that means I won't be able to re-read the book before the show starts. Oh well, maybe it's for the best, sometimes reading a book just before watching the tv/movie adaptation ruins the experience.

As you can probably tell, I'm in a exceptional good mood. No particular reason why, I just feel very positive lately. ^^
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Guess what just arrived! Only the best thing ever:

It's my new Gravity Falls figures! They're heavier and sturdier than I imagined, especially considering I'm used to japanese action figures, that are very delicate. Sadly Bill is sold separately, but there was a nice scroll hidden inside with Bill's page from the journal. *____*

I put them on a shelf above the computer, where I keep a photo of my family (that's my dad's arm), and cards from my friends. ^^

Nausicaa and her camera flash: a tale of hate and betrayal, in three gripping volumes.

We also have great news for all you Daredevil fans: they just announced a second season of the show, set to release in 2016! Yes! I hope we'll get Elektra and Bullseye! Although, let's be fair, I would love it even if it were just thirteen episodes of Matt on holiday getting lots of hugs and eating a lot of ice cream. Just saying. :D

Speaking of Marvel, Tati and I are going to see the new Avengers movie tomorrow, as here in Italy they release it today. That means you'll get a post tomorrow from me saying whether I liked it or not, and that's it. No spoilers, no details, no reviews, nothing at all from me until everyone else has a chance to watch it. My tumblr will also remain spoiler-free, for those of you who are over there as well. I would never spoil anyone, so don't worry. ^^
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I just completed the new Steven Universe game, Attack The Light, with 100% on all stages. I loved it! It's an app (both iOS and Android), and I highly recommend it even to those who haven't seen the show: as an RPG it's complex and funny, the gameplay is great and never frustrating, and the style is lovely. It's a perfect fusion (ah!) of the show's original style and a chibi one.

There are also a lot of cute nerdy references: all the Gems start at level 9000, Amethyst says "Bowacunga" when levelling up, Steven goes "item, I choose you!" when using an item. And the story is lovely, coherent to the show's, a real treat for the fans.

In other fandom news, how cool was that new Star Wars trailer? I screamed, I cried, and quite frankly those two minutes were a lot better than all prequel movies put together. I'm confident we can finally leave that nightmare behind, and enjoy a new era of Star Wars movies, the way they should be.

Yes, I'm still bitter about that train-wreck.

I'm also way behind on my Reading Bingo, because I'm reading a book I'm not enjoying at all, but at the same time I'm not completely hating it. So I'm stuck. It's so boring I can only read a couple of pages a day before I start making distressed whale noises, but I still feel obliged to finish it. Damn. I'm trapped - trapped like a... tinned anchovy!

(I amuse myself!)
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Quick update, because my latest tea shipment just arrived! (It sounds so fancy when I call it that :D )

To no one's surprise, it's Kingsman tea. There was a bit of a hiccup with the customs in Milan: they sent a letter on Good Friday telling me they needed me to fill out a form, even if I had told the guys at Adagio Teas to write everything on the outside of the package. Which they forgot to do. So I sent them an email, and then Easter came, and then today the package was finally here. They were really quick! Can't wait to try these new teas, judging from the recipes they all should be really tasty!

Yesterday I watched the season finale of Moone Boy, and it was probably the best episode in the whole series. I can't recommend this show enough: it's a Irish tv series, set in 1989 and 1990, about a kid and his imaginary friend, played and written by Chris O'Dowd, from The IT Crowd, and it's amazing. Really funny, and smart, and so nostalgic for kids like me who grew up back then. It's 3 seasons, 18 episodes in total, and you'll all love it, trust me. ^^
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I'm back! It's been a hectic week, and most days I couldn't even find the time to turn the computer on. This morning I woke up with a terrible pain in my back, to the point that I couldn't even take a deep breath without feeling like being stabbed. I took some painkillers and it finally feels a little better, but I definitely should take this as a warning I'm not as young as I wish I were.

My cousin arrived last tuesday and stayed until saturday. Even with all the stuff we had to do, we found time to play tourists, thanks to the surprisingly wonderful weather, hot and windy, with blue skies perfect for taking pictures.

I also did a bit of shopping at the Disney Store, because I have zero self-restraint.

They're called Tsum Tsum, and they were invented in Japan. They're soft and huggable, and the tummies are made from the same cloth used to clean tv screens. I got one for Tati and one for myself, and then we got in a long discussion about which one of us is Chip and which one is Dale. We usually agree on everything, but this time we almost ended up fighting. :D

And then I bough this dress at H&M solely because it reminded me of Gazelle from Kingsman The Secret Service. I only have a quick crappy selfie I took for a friend, but you still can see what it looks like:

And one month later my hair is still blue! Usually it washes away pretty quickly, as I use non-aggressive dyes, but this blue one is great. I got a lot of compliments for it!

On saturday Tati and I went to the Cartoomics convention in Milan. We met a lot of wonderful cosplayers (two Thorins, a Wirt from Over The Garden Wall, historically accurate Elsa and Anna), and I bought mochi. Two boxes, red bean and green tea, my favourites! We had a tea party on sunday, with green mint tea my cousin bought me in Morocco. Absolutely delicious, and they worked so well together.

Then yesterday I had another dental surgery, which didn't leave me in as much pain as the last one, but for whatever reason it got me really angry and annoyed. I have a huge anger issue, as in I do not feel anger at all. I'm working on it in therapy, obviously, but those very rare times I happen to feel it I'm still unable to deal with anger. Instead of letting it run its course I sit in a corner, brood and do nothing. Yesterday I hid under the covers and watched Hot Fuzz on my laptop, which worked for a while, but by the end of the evening I was snapping at everyone and everything. What an unpleasant feeling.

Looks like my back isn't trying to kill me anymore, but it's still sore. I should probably go lie down.
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What an intense week! On monday I had a little dental surgery; nothing as brutal as what I had to endure last summer (stupid teeth), but I had to take a lot of painkillers. Tati came to visit, and she had an epic allergic reaction to something (we're still trying to understand what), and there were frantic phonecalls to doctors, pills, and a huge scare for everyone involved. Now she's fine, my tooth stopped hurting, but boy oh boy, what an experience. Now we're trying to identify the food she had a reaction to, we've come up with a couple of possible candidates for the tests, let's hope we're right.

In the meanwhile I managed to finish a new book for the Reading Bingo:

For the "A Best Selling Book" square I read Stephen Chbosky's The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. It's a 1999 New York Times Bestseller, so it was either that square or the "A Book Set In The Past" square, and I refuse to call 1991 "the past". As Miranda says, "but it just happened!".

It's hard to talk about this book without spoiling it. I knew basically nothing about it when I bought it, and I think I appreciated it even more because of it. It reminded me a lot of The Catcher in the Rye and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, as it's a coming-of-age story told entirely from the point of a view of a kid who is "not normal". It's realistic and gripping, and the characters feel alive and breathing. The writing is stunning, absolutely believable as if it were written by a kid, making everything sound very realistic. Contrary to Never Let Me Go last year, it made me want to watch the movie too, although there are some parts that are probably going to be even more of a punch in the stomach when seen in a movie.

I also finished playing the Lego The Hobbit game and now I'm doing quests and exploring the world. It's enormous, and there are so many things to do, I keep getting sidetracked. And the graphics are so good sometimes I just love to walk around and admire the scenery. And beat the hell out of every little object I find. And killing a lot of random npcs. :D Plus I'm recruiting new characters from all over the map, including a shiny Sauron and a baby Smaug. They're so adorable! *_____*
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News from the past week: I had a bit of a cold and ear infection in the weekend that greatly affected my balance. Luckly it went away quickly, and it was probably because of the sudden spring weather we've been having. I'm greatly enjoing having the floor back where it's supposed to be. ^^

The other day something special arrived by mail:

That's my front door, with a new shiny burglar-looking-for-a-job rune on it. It's a childhood dream come true! It came with very complicated instructions, but in the end it only took me a few seconds to apply it. I'm very proud of my wizarding skills, not gonna lie. :D

I haven't written about it on here not to jinx it, but my new laptop seems to be working fine. The old one sputtered and died last november, and then when the new one arrived a few weeks back the OS wasn't properly installed (either that or it was possessed by an angry lumberjack - yes, I'm still squeeing over that new Gravity Falls episode) and it collided on itself. Now it's been back for a couple of weeks, and it seems to be working perfectly fine. All my favourite programs are installed, and I'm back to watching downloaded tv shows on the tv screen through a HDMI connector. I missed that so much. *_______*

Speaking of which, I started watching The 100 on Netflix, but had to abandon it halfway through the second season. It's good, but it has every single one of my triggers, it was too stressful. But hey, if you're looking for a new sci-fi series that's aimed at a young audience but is still full of references to classics, you should check it out. The writing is good, and there's a lot of great female characters. It's not that refined, true, but it's full of promise and intriguing enough.

Gravity Falls came back with a fantastic, unexpectedly gory, and truly amazing episode. It was great! And yesterday The Big Bang Theory did their toast to actress Carol Ann Susi. I loved it, it was quiet and respectful and full of love. One of the best moments of the season. I haven't watched Better Call Saul yet, shame on me, but everybody tells me it's awesome. I'll probably wait until it's over and then marathon it like the crazy person I am. Also Moriarty seems to be coming back to Elementary, I'm still celebrating over that letter!

And last but not least yesterday the actual creator of Over The Garden Wall wrote me a personal message. On Etsy, about the shipping cost of a book I ordered from him the other day. But it still counts!!! Seriously, when I recieved it I screamed out loud, and had to breathe in a pillow for a while.

I'm still playing Lego The Hobbit: I'm about to meet the Necromancer, and then the dragon. I can't wait! This game keeps being awesome and hilarious, it's a fantastic experience. The puzzles are growing in complexity, but they're never frustrating. I encountered a couple of bugs, but I just had to reset the level and everything went back to normal.

I was supposed to go to therapy tomorrow afternoon, but my therapist had to cancel; I have a billion other things I should do, but I'll probably spend it sorting my unread books for the Reading Bingo. ;)
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First things first, look what finally arrived!

Yes, it's my third time buying a Cabin Pressure boxset, and my stereo is still broken, but it has a booklet and extras! And there's the new Souvenir Programme seasons too! Last time I tried to buy them, they got lost somewhere in Germany, not kidding. But now my collection is finally complete! It's definitely time to buy a new stereo though. As it is I have to use my super old portable cd player, and it's a miracle that thing still works.

I have a new entry for the Reading Bingo, completely unplanned too. In Italy today was the "M'Illumino Di Meno" day, a day to turn off the lights to remind ourselves not to waste electricity. This time it was twice as special, as Sam Cristoforetti took a picture of our country from space at the moment when all lights were turned off. Since we were supposed to keep the lights off for an hour, from 6 pm to 7 pm, I sat on the couch with the cat in the dark and read a book I'd just bought on Amazon with the Kindle app on my phone. I didn't like the book, but the experience was still lovely, although a bit claustrophobic. We are indeed creatures of the light.

The square is "A Short Book", and the book is Your Body is an Ocean: Love and Other Experiments by Nikita Gill. I found a couple of quotes by her I liked on tumblr, got curious, and since the book itself was really cheap, I bought it. Sadly, apart for a couple of inspired lines, the book itself is boring and pretentious. It's 33 short stories, poems, dialogues, but they all read as something written by a teenager who's very full of herself. There's this pervasive feeling of the author being that one special snowflake, and all stories are about doomed romances. With the exception of a couple of clumsy attempts at addressing mature romance, it's mostly about a young girl and a young boy falling out of love. Not as cheesy as it could be, just very boring, with nothing original or truly personal to say. Not once I felt connected to the author, or to her characters, not once I felt like she was truly feeling what she was writing about.

Basically, this is what it made me feel like.

In other news, I learned how to play Johnny Cash's Hurt with my ukulele. All while learning that it's a cover of a Nine Inch Nails song. What the hell, I was so sure it was a Cash song, it never even occured to me that I could be wrong! I listened to the original, only 20 years late to the party, and I liked it, but not nearly as much as I love Cash's version. Which is also surprisingly easy to play. I should work on the strumming pattern though, that's the hard part.
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So, about that Tolkien-obsessed phase I'm going through (again), Tati and I are finally marathoning The Lord of the Rings, extended editions, together. And this came in the mail today:

It's Bilbo Baggins' contract with Thorin's company, and it's lifesize. It's a glorious 150 cm, I measured it. I'm such a nerd. :D

During the weekend I'll start working on a Tolkien shelf, much like with my Sherlock Holmes shelf, with all the books and nerdy stuff in display together. It's going to be awesome! *_____*

This is a rather short entry because I just came home and I'm about to leave for the gym, but in short, real life is going fine, therapy is going great, it's been a lovely start of the new year. ^^ And the new Supernatural episode was amazing, so there's that too!
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Here in Italy today's a holiday, but instead of celebrating the Three Wise Men, like in other european countries, we get gifts from the Befana. It's an old lady who flies on a broom and brings candy or coal to kids. We leave stockings for her to fill. I can proudly say I never got a piece of coal in my life, except for when I stole it from my cousin's stockings (they're sugar, and delicious). :D This year I got a full stocking of candy, and it was the best one yet, prepared by the wonderful [ profile] space_oddity_75 and her brilliant daughter, and it's all *drumroll* Cabin Pressure themed!

It's the most awesome stocking ever. I kept digging inside and giggling like a lunatic. We've got mini-muffins, honey from Uskerty (beeees!), a capsized duck, chocolate coins, a toblerone, a travelling lemon bag for tea bags, cheesecake-flavoured sweets, orange tictacs, a paper trumpet (I should always carry one with me, one never knows), and I've already eaten half of the Yellow Cane, and it tastes like lemon, delicious!

In other news, I've been going through my Netflix list, and I just finished my Father Ted marathon. I loved it, although I did find the ending depressing, for obvious reasons. So I immediately moved on to The Vicar of Dibley, which is adorable, although going from an atheist religious sit-com to a religious religious sit-com was a very weird mental shift. :D I am enjoying it a lot anyway, even if I started it because I knew Richard Armitage was in it, and only later I found out he only appears in the last two episodes. Oops. This is like the time when I started watching Doctor Who because somebody told me John Simm was in it. :D

And now, I'll have some mini-muffins with my tea, Ute, thank you. *____*

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