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We went. We saw.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is awesome.

Great story, great cinematography, all the characters manage to have fascinating personal arcs, and lots of character development. Yes!

For those who have already seen it, feel free to leave a comment! For all the others, this entry shall be the only place with spoilers in my whole blog. Until it has been released everywhere, I won't mention it again. ;)
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Guess what just arrived! Only the best thing ever:

It's my new Gravity Falls figures! They're heavier and sturdier than I imagined, especially considering I'm used to japanese action figures, that are very delicate. Sadly Bill is sold separately, but there was a nice scroll hidden inside with Bill's page from the journal. *____*

I put them on a shelf above the computer, where I keep a photo of my family (that's my dad's arm), and cards from my friends. ^^

Nausicaa and her camera flash: a tale of hate and betrayal, in three gripping volumes.

We also have great news for all you Daredevil fans: they just announced a second season of the show, set to release in 2016! Yes! I hope we'll get Elektra and Bullseye! Although, let's be fair, I would love it even if it were just thirteen episodes of Matt on holiday getting lots of hugs and eating a lot of ice cream. Just saying. :D

Speaking of Marvel, Tati and I are going to see the new Avengers movie tomorrow, as here in Italy they release it today. That means you'll get a post tomorrow from me saying whether I liked it or not, and that's it. No spoilers, no details, no reviews, nothing at all from me until everyone else has a chance to watch it. My tumblr will also remain spoiler-free, for those of you who are over there as well. I would never spoil anyone, so don't worry. ^^
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So guess what I've been doing with my weekend? Marathoning this new series on Netflix, Daredevil. No regrets. :D So here's a little review for those of you who'd like to check it out. No spoilers, obviously.

First things first, it is very violent. It definitely gets a R just for that. The violence is realistic, not splatter at all, and that makes it really unsettling. I spent the whole time thinking it reminded me a lot of Scorsese, and then I found an interview with the creators who said their main inspiration was the movie Taxi Driver. And boy, does it show. I think the only other superhero I've seen who gets beaten up like that is Kick-Ass. Also, bear in mind that the pilot has little to do with the rest of the series: after the first hour all the characters are written completely different. I'd say just skip it, or keep it in mind while watching it. It's not uncommon with pilot episodes, to be very different from the actual series, but this one takes the cake.

I really loved the lesson of this story: bad guys should be defeated through legal channels, put to trial, and violence doesn't solve anything. Matt is constantly at war with his desire to kill the bad guys, and the knowledge that murder is wrong. His best friend is a good, decent guy who actually gets the lines that are usually reserved for the love interest. All the female characters are great: they're strong, complex and all different. They fight for what is right, they're scared but they don't let it stop them. They all have agendas, none of them sit and wait. All actions have consequences, and when someone dies the other characters grieve at length, and do not forget them. Matt cries when he's upset, he's not the classic stoic hero. Very refreshing. There's also this running message that being a lone hero is dumb, that one needs friends and support, and without trusting one's loved ones one'll never get far. Kudos for that!

The bad guy is played by an amazing Vincent D'Onofrio. He feels real, has a faceted personality, has a reason for his actions, he's not a cartoon psychopath. He loves and is loved, and he's still a villain and a murderer. Great writing there.

While it is still set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in thirteen total hours there's only three mentions of the Avengers, and all in passing. It honestly doesn't feel like the same universe at all, and it's definitely on purpose. The Avengers live in the light, this is the dark corners where the bad guys take advantage of what happens in the movies, to get money and power, to oppress. Where the little guy is fighting against giants. It's a fascinating new window in this universe.

There's a couple of storylines that have been left open for the next season. Can't wait to see what they're going to do with them. *______*
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Finally, a billion years after the rest of the world, Guardians of the Galaxy has arrived in Italy. Tati and I went to the cinema yesterday, and we absolutely loved it. After the mediocre Thor 2 Marvel is back on track, throwing at us masterpiece after masterpiece. We laughed a lot, teared up more than once, and fell in love with all the characters.

And the writing was so good! Instead of the usual machismo, it celebrated love and family, it destroyed the toxic "woman in the refrigerator" trope, showing the proper way to grieve, and how it's teamwork and love instead of violence that saves the day. Loved it. And the music was so freaking good! Plus it felt so much like A New Hope, I felt like a kid again. Really can't wait for the next one.

Yesterday was also the day I bought Just Dance 2015. I'm already organizing a Just Dance party with my friends, but in the meanwhile I tried a few songs on my own, and then with Tati. It's not that much different from the previous game, but the graphics have improved so much I was in awe. The choreographies are a tad harder, but very satisfying. And then there's songs like this one, that I failed the first time because I was laughing so much I couldn't even hold the controller. :D

And today it's therapy day! Yay! \o/
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Well, it seems I was proven wrong about the Agents of Shield series. That finale was absolutely amazing. It was clever, funny, had plot twists and heartbreaking sequences, snarky one-liners and awesome action sequences, and a beautiful atheist, scientific dialogue about death and life, and everything came together splendidly. And it got me really excited for the next season.

It was really, really slow getting here, with the first 15 episodes being a drag, but it's finally worthy of the rest of the MCU, without having to rely on cameos, but on its own characters, plotlines and character development. It's great. ♥

Plus, in case you haven't heard, they're also making an Agent Carter series. A tv show about spies in the 40s, with a woman in the lead? This is a dream come true! *_____*
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Today I had a great, but very exhausting therapy session. My therapist has been trying to make me include my fandoms in our talks, so today, after beating around the bush for twenty minutes, this is what happened:

Me: "I've been really into Captain America 2 lately, and everyone in the fandom is writing about so many interesting topics, and since two of the main characters are war vets with PTSD, the other day I stumbled on a list of PTSD symptoms in soldiers, and I kinda think I had almost all of them in high school. But I wonder if it's just one those things when you read about a illness online and your brain tries to convince you you have it or..."
Therapist: "You definitely, definitely had it."
Me: "Oh."
Therapist: "How does knowing that make you feel?"
Me: "Sort of... relieved? That I wasn't insane?"

And then we talked a lot more about it, and we're going to talk about it again on friday. She did the Face, the don't-you-try-and-change-the-subject-next-this-is-important Face. And I'm not going to, because it made me feel weirdly better, like sort of validated. I wish I could go back in time and give kid!Nausicaa a pat on the back. So many things make a lot of sense now. Plus I feel like my therapist had been trying to break the news to me for some time, but she was just waiting for the right moment. What do you know, superheroes help in real life too!

And then I went to my favourite chocolaterie and bought three packets of biscuits, and the woman there gave me a huge piece of salted caramel chocolate for free. I probably looked a bit dumbfounded. There are a lot of episodes from my teenage years that now make a lot more sense.

By late afternoon I was free, and I practiced some more on my ukulele. I've started working on more difficult chords than the usual C, G and Am, so I've been practicing Up The Wolves and Sax Rohmer #1 by The Mountain Goats, which are the right amount of "how the fuck am I going to reach that spot with my pinky?!" without making me want to throw the instrument out of the window (read: every Simon & Garfunkel song ever). Then I did a bit of Stairway To Heaven, which is surprisingly (at least for me) really, really easy. I can even do the interlude!

So, chocolate, Led Zeppelin and huge personal epiphanies. Today had it all! ^^
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Not much happened since my last entry, as we've had a national holiday, but there's a couple of things that deserve a blog entry.

Last week, my grandma had a stroke. A CVA in all of its power. Yesterday, we had a lovely talk on the phone, while she was cooking lunch. In the meanwhile, my grandpa, who's 92, spent the day mowing a field with a freaking scythe. My aunt told me she tried to pick it up and she couldn't. At that point my grandpa told her to 'stick to her numbers' (my aunt teaches economy). My family may or may not come from Krypton. In all fairness, my aunt was just as spooked as me when she told me all this on the phone. Crossing my fingers I got some of those supergenes, because wow.

Yesterday I also finally found out who killed Laura Palmer (it only took me 22 years, go me), and I'm still in shock. That was really super cruel.

In other news I learned how to play Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here (which, by the way, is now my #1 Winter Soldier song) on my ukulele, and I'm so proud of myself I have no words. It's one of the best songs ever written, one of those songs that grow more and more beautiful every time I listen to it, and now I can play it too! *little dance of joy* Although I think I should work on my performance, it's more aggressive than it should be. For some reason my default setting on the ukulele is "play it like it's heavy metal". :D
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So, lots of things happened in the last couple of days!

I had a great therapy session yesterday. So many topics, so much to talk about. Sadly next friday is a national holiday, and we won't be able to see each other until next tuesday, but we talked so much yesterday that the long wait won't bother me that much. My throat feels better, and I'm much more relaxed. Sakura is finally back home, and I feel much better having her around.

Today I saved someone's life. It sounds really weird to say that out loud, but that's what happened. I had just gotten out of the bus, and I was crossing this pretty narrow street from the bus stop to the supermarket. I saw a car arriving, way over the speed limit, and this woman next to me was looking in the other direction. She stepped right into the street when the car arrived, and just on instinct I stepped after her, grabbed her by the shoulders, and all but dragged her quickly back on the pavement. The car rushed by, so close it almost touched her. She thanked me a lot, and she was shaken up, so I walked with her for a bit, then doubled back and entered the store. That's when I stopped and realized that there was no way for the car to miss her if I hadn't been there. Maybe it wouldn't have killed her, but it was going really fast, it would have definitely seriously injured her. I'm really happy with myself right now. ^^

The weird thing is that I was crossing the street there because I wanted to make some toast. That's the reason. I got a craving for toast on the bus and decided to buy some cheese and ham before heading home. If I hadn't had that silly thought, she would have been hit by a speeding car. What the hell. Life is really, really weird. But the toast was amazing, it truly was toast worthy of a heroine. :D

I've finally learned two full songs on my ukulele, and working on a third. I can do both Space Oddity and American Pie, and I'm working on Rainbow Connection (next stop: AC/DC). It's super relaxing and so much fun. \o/

What else? I finally bought Bravely Default, because everyone was very enthusiastic about it, and because I love RPGs. I'm also reading way more Winter Soldier fanfics than it's probably healthy, because angsty pairings like Steve/Bucky are my jam. :D

I promise if I ever learn how to play You Shook Me All Night Long on my ukulele I'm definitely posting a video here!
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I had the loveliest time these past few days! On wednesday it was Tati's birthday, and I pulled all the stops: there was music, a trip to the cinema, dancing, and chocolate cake, it was, in a word, BRILLIANT. To be a little more precise, we went to the cinema to watch Captain America - The Winter Soldier, which we absolutely loved (political thriller with superheroes? hard to beat!), and the cake was Sacher Torte, our favourite. As for the music, last week I decided to buy *drumroll* a ukulele. Why the ukulele? Because I'd just seen Amanda Palmer's Ukulele Anthem video and it was very, very convincing. She makes a lot of good points! Less than six hours after it arrived, Tati and I were already dueting on Somewhere Over The Rainbow, and in less than a day I learned all the chords to Science Fiction Double Feature. It's so much fun! \o/

It's a ukulele for beginners, quite cheap, but it does its job splendidly. I named it "Kairi" because good things should always have good names. *_____*

And there's a little review of Captain America 2 under the cut, for those who are interested. Let's face it, a million fics now need to be re-written! Spoilers ahoy! )

So in conclusion, lots of love for this movie, lots of questions, and for the first time a superhero movie made me think of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Good job, Captain!
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Hope you all are having a great weekend! Me, I just had the loveliest afternoon with my two favourite persons in the world. My aunt, Tati and I went to the cinema to watch Thor 2 - The Dark World, then pizza and dessert, and lots of great conversation. It was absolutely awesome. We liked the movie, especially because we already knew it was a lot weaker than its predecessor and had no high expectations. Spoiler-free review: the direction was really, really boring, ditto for the cinematography, and the pace was off. Most of the time it was a couple of lines just to get to the next action sequence, and repeat. And I didn't like how they resolved Frigga's storyline. But I really loved Jane, and I think the second part was a lot better than the first, even if the villains had no real personality. Still, always great to see Chris Eccleston!

I think the main problem was that they tried to recreate the pace of a comic book, where the individual chapters are short, they have to always end on some sort of cliffhanger, and make sense on their own, even if they belong to a longer story. It makes perfect sense for a comic book, but not for a movie, where it makes it disjointed and goofy. Plus they just assumed we already know and care for the characters, and gave us no scenes to actually nurture our feelings for them in the present. We care because we love them from before. But otherwise none of their actions are truly explained.

After all, I really, really loved the first one, so after they changed director I was prepared to be disappointed. With that already in mind, I enjoyed myself and even shouted at the screen a couple of times (a couple of loud and clear "fuck that!"s that my aunt decided to ignore, thank the gods), and laughed a lot. Good enough for me.

But to be honest I'm a lot more excited at the idea of Captain America 2. The trailer and the story look great, let's cross fingers it'll deliver what it promises!

And now I'll go back to being spoiled rotten by my aunt, see you soon. ;)
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Here I am with another cute meme because I'm waiting for a call from my aunt and I have some time to kill. Stolen from [ profile] harriet_yuuko. ♥

Choose five of your favourite (and may I add 'current') fandoms

First character you fell in love with
The character you never expected to love so much
The character you're most like
The character you'd slap
The character you'd sleep with
Your five favourite characters
Your OTP
The pairing you love but isn't your OTP
A pairing you hate
Who's more likely to win the Hunger Games
Who's less likely to win the Hunger Games

Person of Interest, Cabin Pressure, Star Trek (reboot), Supernatural, Avengers (MCU). )

This was fun. :D No call yet, I'll just go and have lunch then. ^^
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What a lovely day. Sunny, blue sky and crisp air. I had to retrieve some papers at the post office, and I was expecting a very long wait (on average I have to spend one hour and a half waiting everytime I go there), but this morning there were surprisingly only two other persons. I skipped across the street to the comic book store, where I had another one of our weird conversations with the cashier there. He prides himself with being a very pessimistic guy, and sometimes we do these phylosophical duels where I point out everything that's good with the day and he does the opposite, and see who wins. Today I had sunny weather, short queue at the post office, Bob Dylan's Just Like A Woman playing on the radio as soon as I walked in. He only had "tomorrow it could rain" and "I don't like Dylan's voice but it's a pretty good song", so it's another win for me. :D

And I came back home to other wonderful things! My Arc Reactor necklace finally arrived:

Then, the first Marvel's Agents of SHIELD full promo is out, and I must say, the special effects look great. Also, Lola. 'nuff said. :D

We also had Once Upon A Time's season finale, which, in my opinion, was a lot better than the previous episodes, and from the looks of it the next season is going to be epic. I should never forget it's from the guys who did Lost, where the even seasons were meh and the odd seasons were great. So yeah, bring on season 3!

And I'm not ashamed to admit I got a bit weepy while watching Cmr Hadfield singing Space Oddity on the International Space Station. It doesn't get any more awesome than that.

I have to see the lawyer in a couple of hours, but first I'm waiting for a call from mom's doctor about her new meds. Send me lots of happy thoughts, let's hope the day stays as bright as it began. ^^
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It's finally here, the first teaser trailer for Marvel's Agents of SHIELD!!!!

It's amazing what fans can do. We all stuck our fingers in our ears when Coulson got stabbed by Loki, started #coulsonlives, and one year later the guy gets resurrected and has his own tv show. I really, really love fandom. ♥
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This is the weirdest spring ever. We just had a classic summer storm, with thunder and lightning but the air remained hot. It didn't really bother me though, because I'm in a great mood. After lunch I went downtown to the cinema, to see Iron Man 3 again. It was even better than the first time. There was a kid sitting next to me, five years old tops, who kept comparing the plot points to the comics for the benefit of his grandma, it was hilarious. It was an audience of young nerds, so it felt a lot like being in church. Even when they laughed, it was a whispered thing, not to lose a single word. I loved it. :D

The first time I watched this movie they cut the credits short, and we couldn't see the post-credits scene. It was actually hilarious, because it was only four of us left, and Tati kept swearing under her breath while putting on her coat, while a dad was trying to explain why we couldn't see the extra scene to his little kid. The kid asked him why, and he answered, completely serious, full of controlled anger, "because some people are mean and cruel, and enjoy hurting people like us". I was absolutely shocked and had to bite my lip not to laugh in his face. He just kept going on and on about the unfairness of the world! :D

Anyway this time I bought my ticket and stopped to talk to the theater manager, and asked him very politely not to cut the credits. He was suprised, and told me I should have brought my old ticket instead of buying a new one, and he would have made me watch the movie for free to apologize. It was my time to be surprised, and then there were some negotiations, and at the end I won and didn't get a refund. It was nice of him to offer, but it's a five-second-long scene, I couldn't accept a free ticket!

So I got to see the final scene too, and I loved it, and everyone loved it. On the way home I stopped for shawarma, as it is Marvel tradition, and talked a bit with a woman there who had an 80s hairdo like from a Cindy Lauper video. She was stunning! And then I trotted home in the rain singing I'm Blue (Da Ba Dee), only to discover we somehow have a new government.

I mean, I take one afternoon off, and they go and make a new government with a bunch of people approved by He Who Shall Not Be Named Because Bleargh. Although we also have a minister who's a black woman, so I'm trying to concentrate on that. A black woman. In Italy. I would think it's a dream, but then I look at the other names and no, it's not a dream, I'm painfully awake. Just some small piece of great news amongst the wreckage. Time to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, etc.
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And I'm back from a most wonderful day! Tati and I went downtown, had icecream, took a great walk in the sun, and we went to the cinema to watch Iron Man 3. And it was AMAZING. Completely different from any other Marvel movie, and we loved every second. It's definitely a lot like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, like many reviewers said. I'm not going to say anything else, because spoilers, but I can't wait to watch it again!

In a happy coincidence, the stickers I ordered a month ago from RedBubble arrived yesterday, so I decorated my laptop accordingly:

It's Tony Stark's Arc Reactor over the ASUS logo, the Stark Industries logo and Smaug The Dragon on the keyboard. Now it definitely feels like my laptop! :D

If you want more details, or want to share your thoughts on the movie, do please make your way to the comments! *winks seductively*
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It is time. Time to buy tickets for Iron Man 3. Marvel Phase Two, I'm ready! \o/

April 24, 5 pm, in 2d (obviously). Yessssss! I now have to perform the Nausicaa Happy Dance (tm). Visual aid, think of Miranda dancing to Build Me Up Buttercup. That's it. :D
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What a lovely day! First day of spring, completely unexpected, and I had to take off my coat and sweater and walk around in just my shirt. Loved it. I had my first therapy session in two weeks, so to celebrate I wore my Avengers skirt. Towards the end a nurse came in to ask my therapist something, but as soon as he saw me he stopped on his tracks and yelled "oh my god, that is the most beautiful skirt ever, I adore it, where did you buy it???", and thirty seconds later we were enthusiastically discussing the next Iron Man movie while my therapist looked pretty lost. She calls it my "Spiderman" skirt because it's the only one she recognizes. :D

Back home I decided it was time for some baking (oh yeah), and since just before easter I had bought a new recipe book, all about muffins, I decided to try my hand at making some good ol' fashioned chocolate chip muffins.

The recipe was for 8 muffins, and the pan holds six, I tried to do the fractions for each ingredient in my head, got annoyed, gave up and used six paper ramekins (three each) for the two remaining muffins.

They smell great, and they taste AMAZING. So far my signature recipe was the chocolate brownies, but these cuties take the first place easily. I devoured one in two bites, yum, and now my fingers smell of bakery. Double yum. My plan was to save a couple for next tuesday, for my therapist, but I fear they won't survive tomorrow. I'll have to bake more on Monday. :D
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I'm home! It was a nice journey back home, but as always long and tiring. Today I feel much better, although I woke up at 6 am for no reason whatsoever except that my brain hates me. Tati is still sleeping (like any sane person would be), so I thought I could kill the time before breakfast uploading pictures to my blog because why not?

Yesterday I had a bunch of packages from Amazon waiting for me, lots of wonderful stuff (the Fawlty Towers boxset, Rise of the Guardians bluray, Hawkeye My Life As A Weapon), and this magnificent thing, that I ordered five days before Easter and that arrived here in two days straight from the USA, although I chose normal shipping. What the hell. You should have seen my face when I opened it. Anyway, lots of pictures under the cuts, prepare for the nerdy awesomeness. :D

It's the Marvel Phase One boxset! I ordered it back in July, then they cancelled it because of some legal quarrel I didn't understand, then after months I cancelled my order, and the same afternoon they re-opened the orders, with a discount for those who had the old order. I cursed myself and forgot about it. Then last week I saw it was about to be released, at last, at the same price of the old boxset, so I thought "what the hell" (which is how I make most decisions) and pre-ordered it again. And apparently they shipped the new orders first, because some friends of mine in the USA, with the old order, are still waiting. Amazon, I shall never understand thee.

More pictures under the cut. )

I would like to point out that among other stuff I have the original plans for the first Iron Man suit, the one Tony built in a cave and that he had to split through various transparent sheets so the terrorists wouldn't know what he was building. And Steve's picture of Peggy, that he cut from a newspaper. Even Thor's hospital bracelet-thingie! You have no idea the level of squeeing Tati and I reached when we opened these folders. :D

...and more! )

Tati with the glowing Tesseract. It comes with batteries and all, but for the life of me I couldn't turn it on. On the instructions it said to tap it firmly against my palm, but it's not a toy, it's a collectable! What if I broke it??? Then Tati tried, she tapped it with two fingers, and it came alive. I tried again, nothing. She took it back, and turned it on again. Thus, I declared her to be Loki in disguise, because what the double hell?!

Got to go now, I have to upload a bunch of stuff to Sherlock (and it also works with my tv, we used an HDMi cave I had forgotten in a drawer and watched the new, amazing, Adventure Time episode on my tv, the future is now), make breakfast, scratch on Tati's door until she wakes up and feeds me, you know, the usual. :D
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Obligatory entry with pictures I forgot to post the other day because I'm lazy. :D

I finally found Avengers action figures that include Hawkeye and Black Widow! Yessss! The Disney Store in Florence is five times bigger than the one in Venice, and it felt a lot like Heaven. :D The Phoenix Wright game is a birthday gift from [ profile] juuhachi_go, I started playing it yesterday, and besides a strong deja-vu for all those laywer shows I used to watch when I was a kid (Perry Mason anyone?), I also found out I could never be a lawyer. Five minutes in I was already shouting at my character to just shoot the witness because he was obviously the killer. Oops. I'm having lots of fun. :D

The plan was to put them on the shelf with my Marvel comics, but that's too low a shelf, and Sakura would play with these figures in a second if she could reach them, so I put them on the Tolkien shelf instead. They get to guard Fables and the Walking Dead, it's a good gig. ;)

Got to rush, I just remembered that the second episode of Neverwhere is airing in a couple of hours. I listened to the first episode yesterday and I *loved* it. I'm a huge fan of the book, and was waiting anxiously for this radio show. At first I thought it was a bit confusing for those who hadn't read the book, but after a few minutes it completely won me over. James McAvoy as Richard is amazing, and while everyone is superb, my favourite one so far has to be Anthony Head as Mr Croup. My god, he's brilliant. Also sounds a lot like Herc when he's bitching at Douglas, which is at times both incredibly creepy and absolutely hilarious. Talking about hilarious, Richard calling Hunter a "hooker" over and over again made me almost fall from the couch laughing. I'm a bit sad Romola Garai got such a small part, though. Still, they're all incredible, and I can't wait for tomorrow, when we get to meet Benedict Cumberbatch as the angel Islington. Perfect casting is perfect, everybody go home.
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Today, after lunch, I had therapy. The 7th anniversary of mom's accident is in a couple of weeks, so we're mostly talking about that. I took the bus to go back home, and shortly after we left there was a bit of a ruckus, because there was a mom with a small kid in her arms, and no one on the reserved seats gave her the seat even when she asked for it (by the way, even if it wasn't common courtesy, it's the law to leave those seats for old people, disabled persons, pregnant women, and parents carrying little kids). I was sitting in the front, listening to the Eagles on my iPod, so I hadn't actually heard any of that, until a woman tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I could leave my seat to the kid since his mom was crying. I obviously jumped up and offered them my seat, and then spent the whole ride comforting her. The main problem was, this mom was Asian. And here in Italy, if one isn't white, then one is most likely an immigrant. And there's a lot of racism, especially in this part of the country, against immigrants, you have no idea. So this mom was tired and exasperated because she thought they ignored her because she wasn't white. And let's face it, she was right. After she went off the bus, thankfully smiling and happy again (because I'm THE BEST at comforting people), I overheard the other passengers' conversation about what had just happened, and it was Racism 101, not kidding. Thinking about what they said makes me feel like taking up smoking.

Talking about fandom, which always makes everything better, there's a teaser trailer online, for the Iron Man 3 trailer. A trailer of a trailer. The trailer got Inception'd. Somebody stop me. But seriously what the hell is going on with Pepper?!

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