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Hope you're all having a great time with your family and loved ones! Happy Holidays, of whatever kind you celebrate!

Quick update, I caught some stupid virus from my aunt, and spent the last three days with a fever and a horrible cough. Nothing serious, only really annoying. I drank a lot of fluids, took my meds, spent the days in bed with my laptop. Boring but effective, because today I feel a lot better.

Just before the fever hit I managed to do the usual exam for my heart (the meds I take can affect the heart, so I have to keep an eye on it), and everything looks great as always. So yay! I'm so happy I had the exam when I did, because six hours later I wouldn't have been able to leave the house, so double yay for my body's timing. Now I'm free until the 29th, when it's time for the usual immunotherapy.

In other news I'm still marathoning Prison Break, and it really helped passing the time when sick. I'm almost halfway through season 4, and really, really loving it. Great acting, great dialogues, but most of all a great story that keeps raising the stakes with every new season. *____*

So that's it for me. Happy Holidays everyone!
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The reason for my absence from these shores for the past few days is that winter in Piedmont arrived all in one day, and the temperatures dropped 17 degrees overnight, so obviously on the morning I had to take the train back home I woke up with an awful cold and a terrible case of wryneck. Couldn't breathe, couldn't turn my head, it sucked. I spent the last three days eating soup while wrapped in three blankets in my favourite armchair, full of paracetamol and using my cat as a hot water bottle.

Today I feel a lot better. My neck doesn't hurt anymore, which I celebrated with an impromptu dance party in the kitchen this morning. Sakura joined in enthusiastically, and now I have a feeling she's going to sleep from exhaustion for the next three days. She's not a kitten anymore. :D The cold is almost gone too, and I can even smell things again. More or less. On friday I called everyone and moved all my appointments to next week so that I could take the weekend off to get back on my feet. It's been raining and pouring and there's even been acqua alta downtown, so I chose the right weekend to spend in bed, no kidding.
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Health update, I'm feeling a lot better! First of all, thanks for all the lovely messages on my last post, you made my day and week, I wish I could hug you all! The good news is, I'm back home until tuesday. I was feeling better, and I had lots of stuff to do (mainly taxes). Plus I really missed my best friend. And my cat. Yesterday I woke up with a cold, because the weather is crazy and my immune system isn't up to par yet, but other than that I'm really enjoying not having to worry about that stupid cvc ever again. And my nails have started to grow again, although very slowly. I'm finally getting the chemo out of my system!

From a mental point of view, things are a little murkier. It's great to be back home, but it also feels very weird. Everything is exactly the same as I left it, but I feel like a completely different person. It's jarring. It'll take me some time to get used to it again. Next wednesday I have another PET, to check if the cure is still working. I do feel fine, but I'm still really scared. It can't be helped, I guess. On the 17th it's immunotherapy time again, then I'm free for three weeks. So unless they schedule another visit/exam for the end of the month, I'll probably come back here for another couple of weeks. This is going to be my life for a while.

Not everything feels weird though. Sakura cuddles me constantly, and on my second day here I made sea salt ice cream and it came out perfect. I'm very proud of myself! And Tati came to stay here with me, which always makes me incredibly happy. I've been watching cartoons, playing videogames, and eating ice cream. It's been a great holiday. ^^
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First of all, a big hug to all of you always leaving me wonderful messages! You make me feel all warm and fuzzy and loved, you're the best!

Health update, the side effects are basically over, although I still get tired easily, as the meds will still be in my system for another week. Yesterday, for the first time since this all started, I went shopping on my own. First I went to the hospital to change the bandages on the cvc, then I went to the pharmacy, then to the farmers' market. It was a lovely sunny day, the air was crisp and cold, and I did it all by myself. It felt amazing! I'm slowly winning my old life back, one step at a time. \o/

I also bought a train ticket for the 12th, when I'm going back home for a week. I'm so excited! This time there won't be no side effects slowing me down, I'll even be able to go downtown to the Lush store, and the Disney store, I can't wait!

And now, as promised, fandom news! A couple of weeks ago they released Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi in North America. I downloaded the apk, and I've been happily playing it ever since. I set up a party, and having so much fun! The only downside is, it consumes battery life like there's no tomorrow, so I always try to play connected to a power outlet.

Last November I started watching Rick and Morty. I stopped after three episodes, not really feeling it. Then recently I read both the creators of Steven Universe and Gravity Falls praising it on twitter, so I decided to give it another go. And I loved it. As it turns out, I just had to wait until the Meeseeks and Destroy episode. I loved how they explore sci-fi concepts, like multiple universes and hive minds, in a new and unique way. And I love, LOVE the fact that it's set in a universe with no god. As an atheist, I really wish there were more shows exploring the universe as ruled by chaos, instead of always having some fate/religion/destiny plot. It's refreshing.

I also watched all the Erased anime. It's one of the best series I've ever seen. And so devastating. I cried once an episode, no kidding. And I loved it to pieces.

I promise I'll try writing more frequently now that I'm feeling better. ♥
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The fifth chemo yesterday went smoothly. The best part was halfway through when I went to the bathroom, and bumped into my oncologist, who I hadn't seen since November (I have a main oncologist assigned, and then do check-ups every three weeks with the junior doctors). She asked me how I was doing, and was so ecstatic to see how well I was she asked me to come into her office and talk for a few minutes. I thanked her for saving my life, and she was so happy, and I was so happy, and it was a loop of joy! Then she booked me a pet scan for 1 March: not my favourite exam ever (I need to fast all day), but hey, it's the best exam possible, so I'm not complaining.

The rest of the day went great, and I became fast friends with two other patients in my room. I always meet new people and I always make new friends everytime I go. ^^

Then this morning I went and set fire to myself. Yep. I was drowsy from yesterday's meds, and I put the kettle on, and turned around while standing too close to the open flame, and the back of my pyjama jacket took fire. Luckly I'm very cool under pressure, so I grabbed the shirt and kept it as far away from my skin as possible, bent backwards over the sink and kept it under the water while I ripped the buttons off, because I couldn't take it off from the top without setting what's left of my hair on fire. I sacrificed my right hand, but I had to. Then I woke my cousins up and had them taking me to the ER.

Good news is, I only got a very minor burn, and they gave me a tetanus shot, a wonderful cream, and told me my reaction had been amazing and saved my back. During all this I was more scared about my aunt's reaction than anything else. She got angry, scared, and then cut me off using the kitchen for a month. Only microwave for me. I really can't argue with that.

I'm feeling a bit sleepy because of the vaccine, but nothing bad. Chemo side effects should kick in tomorrow, so that's going to be fun. Luckly my hand doesn't hurt anymore, I'll try not to sleep on it tonight. And tomorrow I'm staying in bed all day, just watch me!
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I'm writing this entry on my cellphone. I've been in hospital for the last ten days: I had a pretty serious case of pleurisy that still hasn't resolved, I'm doing antibiotics and all sorts of tests, and soon breast surgery. Next week I'll know more: if it's serious or not. I'm doing my best, making friends with the other patients, eating and resting. Can't wait to be out of here.

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Health update first, the tracheitis is slowly going away. I still have the stupid cough, but I changed medicine and went for a more aggressive cough syrup, and I'm finally getting some results. At least now the coughing fits last only a few seconds, and I don't sound like a chain smoker anymore. Hurrah!

And I have a new Reading Bingo entry! It's the fifth book in the Rivers of London series, for the "A Book With Magic" square here's Foxglove Summer.

I obviously read all five books, but only put the first and fifth one on the Bingo because I didn't want it to end just yet. Besides, it would have been a boring way to end it, with five identical iterations of "these books are amazing, hurrah for London urban fantasy, so much diversity, I think I died and went to YA heaven". :D

And since I don't want to spoil anyone, this review is going to be quite short. Foxglove Summer is quite different from the other books in the series, as we move to the country, when Peter is called to investigate on the disappearance of two young girls, all while recovering from the shocking events of Broken Homes. All the other main characters are relegated to phone calls and texts, and we feel Peter's loneliness, as he also has to suffer through various degrees of racism. While life as a POC in London isn't all that easy, it certainly gets way worse when leaving for the country, and the author never lets us forget it. I really appreciated this degree of realism. Plus the case itself is very intriguing, and the final chapter is one of the best in the series.

My only complaint is I think the ending was too rushed and it could have used another chapter, but other than that, it's a fantastic read, and I can't wait for November when the next book will be out. \o/

In other news this weekend I finally finished the first season of Outlander, and holy shit it was nothing like what I imagined it would be. This series should have a trigger warning on top of its trigger warnings. Seriously, it was worse than Game of Thrones in that regard. Don't get me wrong, it is a beautiful series: the actors are great, the historical setting is incredibly accurate, the music and Scotland landscape are breathtaking, but to everyone who's thinking of watching it, remember there's a two-hour-long rape scene at the end, and I'm not exaggerating. There's a lot of rape attempts littered throughout all the series, but they all pale in comparison with that ending. Be safe, my friends. If you need more details before watching it, just drop me a line and I'll answer all your questions in the less spoilery manner I can find, but yes, that right there is the biggest problem with it.

To recover from that ending, I've started watching the Shaun the Sheep series, and it's adorable. And also really, really funny. I just started on the second season, and I'm not really liking how they changed the character design for some of the characters, nor the fact Shaun is a lot meaner than before. But from what I gathered they're going to retcon it all with the next season, so there's that. ^^
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Lots of things happened last week. Mainly, I had a very important medical exam, where at first they told me the situation had gotten worse, and then they told me nope, it was all as before. Cue panic attack, visions of my own mortality, and then murder plans. Thankfully I had therapy right after, and I felt a lot better after that, but still. Some doctors aren't just meant to interact with human beings at all.

Speaking of therapy, my therapist asked me if she could write about my case, keeping it anonymous, for a medical study. My first reaction was to feel very flattered. As in, my problems are worth studying, that makes me feel important! It's dumb, but sometimes that's the way my brain goes. :D

For the "A Book Outside Your Comfort Zone" square, I read Joyce Carol Oates' 1992 novel Black Water.

I went with that square because while stream-of-consciousness novels aren't outside my comfort zone per se (that would be biographies, my least favourite genre), this particular one hit all my triggers. I still went with the "I liked it" stamp, because it is beautifully written, but I wouldn't have read it if I had known more about it beforehand. It is a fictional retelling of the Chappaquiddick incident, so for those who already know about that, that's basically it.

One night at a party, a young woman meets a Senator she's always admired, and after some flirting they decide to leave the party together. Some reckless driving on his part gets them into an accident, and the car ends up in the water. He manages to escape, while the woman is stuck inside, with the water slowly filling the habitacle. Terrified and in pain, she thinks about her life, how she met the Senator, and about the pain and terror she's in, and her faith that he'll come back to save her. Her thoughts get more and more splintered and chaotic the longer she's stuck in there, with the black water slowly drowing her.

In a word, it's brutal. It's powerfully written, a fascinating insight on that period, but holy shit, it's not for the faint of heart. It gets more and more realistic and disturbing the longer she's stuck there, and quite frankly I don't feel like recommending it to anyone. Hey, you're my friend and I love you, read this traumatic novel and have nightmares about it! You're welcome!

In other news, I finally watched Interstellar, and I loved it! I know, I'm incredibly late to the party. :D But hey, what a fantastic movie! The science was so accurate for a sci-fi movie, the acting was great, and Nolan finally abandoned his trite depictions of female characters, and went in a completely new (for him) and wonderful direction! Could have used more diversity, but other than that it was a truly wonderful movie. ^^

I also watched the Shaun The Sheep movie, after a friend of mine, who has a little niece, recommended it to me, saying it was fun for all ages. She was right! It was cute and funny, and the choice to have it basically silent was a lovely touch. I must check out the tv series now! *____*
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I'm back! There weren't any updates lately because it was a boring week. :D

I still have that stupid cough, but my doctor prescribed me a cough syrup that seems to be slowly doing the trick. It's got a lot of plants in it, and it tastes like melted cough drops. As in, not good. Everytime I take it, it makes me smack my tongue and lips like dogs do with peanut butter. Yikes. Luckly the weather has been wonderful lately, with fresh winds and the occasional rain at night, and beautiful clear days, so I haven't turned the air conditioning on in days. That's doing wonders for my throat. ^^

In fandom news, they pushed back Steven Universe, so now it'll come back in September. Luckly Gravity Falls is still coming back in two days, and I'm so excited I've watched and re-watched the teaser A LOT. I can't wait. *____* I've also started a new Dragon Age Inquisition game, as a friend assured me the party banter was finally fixed. Took them a whole year but yes, it works. I've decided to do a completist run (or something close). I was very, very disappointed by the ending, but I loved the rest of it (although to be fair that made the ending even more soul-crashing frustrating), so I'm focusing on the parts I liked, and enjoying finally hearing my characters talking. I'm playing as a female Qunari mage, and loving being taller than anyone else. :D There isn't much else different to her, because the main character suffers of little to no characterization no matter which way you look at it, but it's still fun to play as a mage. I chose Knight Enchanter as my specialization because its abilities allow me to be invincible and super powerful at level 12, and that's awesome. And also because I dislike Vivienne deeply and I much prefer to leave her at home, so it's her specialization for me. ^^
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It seems the days of hellish heat and obligatory air conditioner have taken their toll on my body. I have a simple cough, but even with the aerosol therapy it's proving hard to get rid of. I only use the dehumidifier mode on the air conditioning unit, but even so I guess I couldn't escape the obligatory summer cold. At first my chest hurt when I coughed, but after two aerosol sessions the pain stopped, and only the cough remained. It's more annoying than anything else.

Yesterday we had a storm around midnight: it didn't lower the temperatures, but it cleaned the air and at least the ozone levels are back to normal. We've been on high alert for three days, and the air tasted chemical, it was awful. So at least today it's back to normal, sweaty heat, nothing poisonous to it. I just finished washing the floors and doing the laundry, it's nice to be able to keep the windows open for more than a couple of minutes at a time, and the house smells nice and clean. ^^

On fandom news, I finally finished the game Transistor. I first bought it on the PS4 last year, did the tutorial and then forgot about it. I started playing it again last week, and quickly finished it a few days later. It's not a long game, but it's very beautiful, and one that deserves a second playthrough.

The main character is Red, a singer who's lost her voice in an attack at the start of the game. Her fiancee shielded her and got killed, but his soul was preserved in the weapon used by the villain. He's reduced to a voice coming from the sword, the Transistor, that can now only be used by Red. During the game you esplore the city, Cloudbank, while searching for the men who unleashed killer machines on it, and tried to kill you. The soundtrack is splendid and mournful, and while Red cannot talk, her fiancee talks to her constantly, reminisces, helps her, even makes little jokes. It can be very dramatic at times but it's still an amazing experience. It's also on Steam and iOS. ;)

Not to mention, it looks a lot like the anime Gankutsuou. *________*
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And the third Stevenbomb is officially over! Focused more on character development this time, I still adored it, although we do have so many questions that need to be answered. But well, we're back on hiatus. Such is fate. ^^

Yesterday I had an accident. I went to the pharmacy to buy a few things, including something for mosquito bites. I only found out after applying it back at home that the stupid chemist had given me a roll on stick that had ammonia in it, which is the one thing I'm allergic to, without warning me there was anything else in it but aloe vera. Luckly I realized it almost instantly, so I jumped into the shower with all my clothes still on and washed it away, then washed my hands, face, and inhaled water into my nose to clean it. It worked, as the only effects I had were nausea, a sour taste in my mouth, and a lingering headache, but they all went away by late afternoon. Tati descended on the chemist like an angel of death and got me a refund, so at least there's that. But man, I really dodged a bullet there.

Other than that, things are fine, even with the heatwave: mom is slowly recovering, and on monday I'll go order her a new wheelchair. It's my third attempt, as they keep giving me the wrong papers back at the clinic, so I do hope third time's the charm. I guess the heat is affecting everyone, even doctors and nurses!
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I'm finally feeling better! I had an awful two-day-long headache, because of the sudden and repeated changes in the weather; ever since the surgery back in 2007 I get an headache everytime the weather changes, but this past few days it's happened drastically every six hours (humid hot to rainy cold and back), and my head kept reacting accordingly. That also meant nausea, and a constant grumpiness on my part with every person who crossed my path. Yesterday the painkillers kicked in, and I'm finally pain-free. What a lovely sensation!

Some of you may remember my quick guide to Netflix for users outside the USA that I wrote a few months back: today I have an amendment to make. When I wrote it back then I suggested Zenmate to use as a proxy. Sadly during the last few weeks they implemented a premium service, and the normal service became slow and broke down repeatedly. The other day I finally got fed up with it and looked for alternatives. I quickly found a much better extension called Hola. It's much faster, completely free, and it works a lot better. Hola lets you choose a different country for every website you visit, and then saves that preference: this way, for example, you can open a tab to watch a movie on Netflix with a USA proxy, while checking your email on another tab with a German proxy. Plus, it's really, really fast. It's absolutely wonderful, I can't recommend it enough!

EDIT: Yeah, forget about all that. Two days in, and this shitstorm happens. They just found out that Hola was selling IPs and bandwidth space to, simply put, criminals. And since it's your internet traffic that's being used, legally you're responsible. Terrific. So I deleted the whole thing, cursing and swearing, and started looking for an alternative. I'm testing AnonymoX as we speak: it works fine, although it's a bit clumsier than Hola, and it doesn't do anything criminal, so that's a plus. Netflix works perfectly, although I would recommend not to have other tabs open, as it slows the whole thing down.

I'm only testing free options for now. If I ever decide to spend money on it, I'll probably use Hide My Ass: it was featured in a BBC News article, so at least there's some solid research there that they aren't doing anything horrendously illegal.

So um, carry on as normal. ^^
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Yesterday was a very "meh" day. My back started hurting again, probably because I slept funny. I had to go to the doctor, and when I came back home it was hurting so much I had to skip therapy and go to bed. Today I feel a lot better, and I had a good night of sleep, so there's that. Painkillers don't make me drowsy, so yesterday I was awake the whole time, stuck in bed with a hot water bottle, and I used that time to catch up on my reading. And to bitch and whine a lot to my cat, who was not impressed. :D

For the "A Book of Non-Fiction" square, I read What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions by Randall Munroe, the author of the xkcd webcomic.

First of all, thanks a lot to the lovely [ profile] entangled_now for recommending it to me, because I loved it! You're the best! \o/

The actual review: this book is a collection of answers to weird hypothetical questions the author received to his website through the years. Things like "what would happen if the Sun disappeared?" or "how much energy could one Yoda provide?" or "what would happen if your DNA suddenly disappeared from your cells?". The questions might be stupid (or definitely weird), but the answers aren't. By using rigorous math, research, and consulting with experts from various scientific fields, Munroe answers them all. His trademark stick figures experiment all over the pages, and he often quotes pop culture to help the reader understand what he's talking about. It's a book for the uninitiated, but still perfect for the experts as well. And most of all, it's absolutely hilarious. I was sad to see it finished, and I instantly ran online to see if he was planning a sequel.

I haven't done any serious math ever since high school, and yet I felt I understood everything he was talking about. It is a bloody amazing science book. *_____*

In other news, I started watching Penny Dreadful, the supernatural Showtime tv show with Eva Green and Timothy Dalton that won a lot of Bafta Craft Awards the other day. First of all, it is indeed a really beautiful, masterfully written series. The actors are all incredibly good, and the whole story is fascinating. And I can see why the music won all those awards, because it is breathtaking.

The problem is, it is quite gory, and very, very dark. So on one hand I'm loving it and want to see more, and on the other hand it kinda feels like being punched in the stomach every five minutes. I just finished the episode at the asylum and holy shit, I spent most of it listening to it instead of actually watching it. It's not for the faint-hearted, at all.
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I literally just finished watching the latest Supernatural episode, The Book of the Damned, and now it's official, this season just reached season 8 levels of greatness. I had this feeling for quite some time, but holy shit, with this episode, these storylines, where they're taking them, they sealed the deal. Amazing.

I also would like to point out that the new music supervisor is insanely good. I've always liked the original soundtrack, but this season I love it. It has more personality, it's different and bold. I love it.

Also, this morning I had my last dental surgery for the year, and I'm very, very happy. I asked him to use less anesthesia than usual, considering that last time my face kept sleeping for 12 hours, and it was definitely too much. Now it's only two hours later and my lips are already feeling normal. Perfect timing too, because I'm getting hungry. I'll get some ice cream from the fridge and watch the episode again. ^^
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This afternoon I have the first therapy session in two weeks, I'm so excited! I feel better than I hoped, so I probably won't even have to take a painkiller before leaving the house. It's a long trip, on bus and on foot, but I'm confident my back can endure it. I feel very energetic today!

And i have a new entry for the Reading Bingo. The one good thing about being sick and stuck in a bed is that one has a lot of time to read.

For the "A Book By A Female Author" square I chose Alison Bechdel's The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For. Bechdel is an American cartoonist, and for twenty-five years she chronicled in Dykes to Watch Out For the lives of a group of lesbian characters in Minneapolis, their loves, their political struggles. The strips have been released in various volumes, and this one in particular covers a selection of the previous volumes and sixty new tables. The story starts around 1987, and while telling us the lives of these characters it also tells the story of their country: the AIDS epidemic, the Gulf War, 9/11, Bush. It was a very peculiar experience reading the strips from the 80s and the 90s, because I remember all that stuff happening, but I was a child, so it was filtered and numbed. And yet I recognized the same fear, the same pain, I remembered it. Kids are way more clever than we give them credit for.

"Love is a many gendered thing, pal. Get used to it."

And most of all it offers a unique view into the lesbian community of then and now, how it grew, how it evolved. The only flaw, it ends quite abruptly, as the strip is now on hiatus. Bechdel moved on to other projects, that I actually read first, last year: "Fun Home" and "Are You My Mother", both great works of art that I recommend to everyone. But this one is definitely her magnum opus, the one she should first and foremost be known for. It's £16 on Amazon, you definitely shouldn't miss it. ^^

And now, a very hot shower, and I'm off! Wish me luck! \o/
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I'm feeling better! My back still hurts, but not as much as it did before, and I can move more freely. I still can't lift stuff heavier than a mug of tea, and this is annoying Sakura a lot, as I haven't lifted her in my arms for almost two weeks. The other day she got so pissed that she just started screeching at me and making little hopping movements. It was kinda hilarious. :D

The other day I finally watched Into The Woods. I knew absolutely nothing about it beforehand, except that it was a Broadway musical and there was Meryl Streep in it. Good enough for me. And I absolutely fell head over heels in love with it. The music, the story, the characters, I loved everything. All the actors were great, and great singers too. I've downloaded the original musical on my ipod, and I can't wait to listen to it, although from what I read the changes they did were very minor. I like how they decided to fuse The Witch and The Narrator into one character, but that's probably because of my insane love for Meryl Streep. ♥

Yesterday was Tati's birthday, so the two of us and her sister went to the cinema to watch Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella. We were all a bit sick, so I'm planning on doing another, proper birthday celebration as soon as we're all feeling better, but we still loved the movie. I'm not sure I'll watch it again, though. There's a reason why every Cinderella movie starts a couple of days before the ball: her story is too depressing, and it should be only told in a very quick voiceover. Branagh chose to devote half the movie to how the girl got to become an abused slave in her family home, and it is heavy. The magical parts were lovely and funny, but the rest of the movie was very dark, even with that joyful colorful cinematography.

And we also made a lot of whispered jokes about Robb Stark being the Prince. Who's escaping an arranged marriage. And wants to marry the peasant girl he met on a field. Come on! I think everyone in the audience who's over 18 was hearing The Rains of Castamere in their heads everytime he was on screen!
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Sorry for disappearing, guys, but remember the backache I mentioned in my last post? It quickly morphed into the One Ring of all backaches, and it basically confined me to a bed for a whole week. That, and not being able to breathe, eat, move my arms without being in terrible pain. Today is my first day of feeling truly better; it still hurts, and I still get tired easily, but I managed to leave the house, do some grocery shopping - a very light bag, but still. God, I missed it.

I'm so glad I was born in the age of painkillers, you have no idea.

Having gone through a black hole of a week, I don't have much in the way of news. I managed to marathon Steven Universe on my laptop, and I highly recommend it to anyone. It's funny, the story is beautifully written, it has lesbian moms, it's all feminist and full of fuzzy warm feelings. It's wonderful. You can watch it all for free on their official website. And seriously, it's got honest-to-god lesbian characters, in a children show, raising a kid. It doesn't get any better than that. ^^

And they just released the trailer for the next Mission Impossible movie. I don't really care for the first trilogy, but Ghost Protocol is one of my favourite movies of all time. I've watched it hundreds of times, and it's one of my "comfort movies": it's the actual name of a folder in my laptop for movies to watch when I'm sick. Works better than chicken soup and paracetamol. So yeah, I'm super excited about the new one! ^^

In completely unrelated news, yesterday I had to explain to my aunt, on the phone, what a lap dance is. Maybe also because I was on painkillers, I found the experience to be absolutely hilarious. :D
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I'm back! It's been a hectic week, and most days I couldn't even find the time to turn the computer on. This morning I woke up with a terrible pain in my back, to the point that I couldn't even take a deep breath without feeling like being stabbed. I took some painkillers and it finally feels a little better, but I definitely should take this as a warning I'm not as young as I wish I were.

My cousin arrived last tuesday and stayed until saturday. Even with all the stuff we had to do, we found time to play tourists, thanks to the surprisingly wonderful weather, hot and windy, with blue skies perfect for taking pictures.

I also did a bit of shopping at the Disney Store, because I have zero self-restraint.

They're called Tsum Tsum, and they were invented in Japan. They're soft and huggable, and the tummies are made from the same cloth used to clean tv screens. I got one for Tati and one for myself, and then we got in a long discussion about which one of us is Chip and which one is Dale. We usually agree on everything, but this time we almost ended up fighting. :D

And then I bough this dress at H&M solely because it reminded me of Gazelle from Kingsman The Secret Service. I only have a quick crappy selfie I took for a friend, but you still can see what it looks like:

And one month later my hair is still blue! Usually it washes away pretty quickly, as I use non-aggressive dyes, but this blue one is great. I got a lot of compliments for it!

On saturday Tati and I went to the Cartoomics convention in Milan. We met a lot of wonderful cosplayers (two Thorins, a Wirt from Over The Garden Wall, historically accurate Elsa and Anna), and I bought mochi. Two boxes, red bean and green tea, my favourites! We had a tea party on sunday, with green mint tea my cousin bought me in Morocco. Absolutely delicious, and they worked so well together.

Then yesterday I had another dental surgery, which didn't leave me in as much pain as the last one, but for whatever reason it got me really angry and annoyed. I have a huge anger issue, as in I do not feel anger at all. I'm working on it in therapy, obviously, but those very rare times I happen to feel it I'm still unable to deal with anger. Instead of letting it run its course I sit in a corner, brood and do nothing. Yesterday I hid under the covers and watched Hot Fuzz on my laptop, which worked for a while, but by the end of the evening I was snapping at everyone and everything. What an unpleasant feeling.

Looks like my back isn't trying to kill me anymore, but it's still sore. I should probably go lie down.
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What an intense week! On monday I had a little dental surgery; nothing as brutal as what I had to endure last summer (stupid teeth), but I had to take a lot of painkillers. Tati came to visit, and she had an epic allergic reaction to something (we're still trying to understand what), and there were frantic phonecalls to doctors, pills, and a huge scare for everyone involved. Now she's fine, my tooth stopped hurting, but boy oh boy, what an experience. Now we're trying to identify the food she had a reaction to, we've come up with a couple of possible candidates for the tests, let's hope we're right.

In the meanwhile I managed to finish a new book for the Reading Bingo:

For the "A Best Selling Book" square I read Stephen Chbosky's The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. It's a 1999 New York Times Bestseller, so it was either that square or the "A Book Set In The Past" square, and I refuse to call 1991 "the past". As Miranda says, "but it just happened!".

It's hard to talk about this book without spoiling it. I knew basically nothing about it when I bought it, and I think I appreciated it even more because of it. It reminded me a lot of The Catcher in the Rye and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, as it's a coming-of-age story told entirely from the point of a view of a kid who is "not normal". It's realistic and gripping, and the characters feel alive and breathing. The writing is stunning, absolutely believable as if it were written by a kid, making everything sound very realistic. Contrary to Never Let Me Go last year, it made me want to watch the movie too, although there are some parts that are probably going to be even more of a punch in the stomach when seen in a movie.

I also finished playing the Lego The Hobbit game and now I'm doing quests and exploring the world. It's enormous, and there are so many things to do, I keep getting sidetracked. And the graphics are so good sometimes I just love to walk around and admire the scenery. And beat the hell out of every little object I find. And killing a lot of random npcs. :D Plus I'm recruiting new characters from all over the map, including a shiny Sauron and a baby Smaug. They're so adorable! *_____*
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Drumroll, please! It's my first entry of this year's Reading Bingo!

For the "A Book With A Female Heroine" square I chose Alexander McCall Smith's Tears of the Giraffe, his second book in the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series. As with the first one, we follow the story of Precious Ramotswe, the owner of Botswana's only detective agency. It's a very relaxing and charming book, that made me fall in love with Botswana all over again, and with the wonderful characters of this book. Mma Ramotswe takes various cases, all while organizing her wedding, and her boyfriend adopts two orphans. It's a cozy, beautiful story, the cases are intriguing and the characters fascinating. With every new chapter I had to run to my cousin to tell her what was happening and how worried I was that the main characters would fall out of love over his abrupt decision to adopt the kids, and we would worry together and share theories about the murder mystery. It was a great experience, I can't wait to read the next one. *______*

In other news, I started playing the Lego: The Hobbit videogame. I had only played another Lego videogame before, and not even to the end. I almost threw my controller out of the window when I couldn't figure out how to open the very first door, but after that it's been smooth sailing. The puzzles are intriguing but not so difficult to be annoying, and it is hilarious. My favourite thing to do is to link arms with whoever I'm standing next to and just skip around. Even while the dragon was attacking Erebor and I had to rescue the king. :D The dialogue comes from the movies, and it's so wonderful to just sit there and listen to all my favourite actors delivering lines I know by heart. I still have to get used to the fact that to finish every level I have to build stuff, though. As Bilbo, I had to destroy all my furniture to build a table large enough for 13 dwarves, and it took me a while to realize that was the only course of action. My poor furniture!

In real life news, same ol' same ol'. I had a dentist appointment scheduled for the past monday morning, and I slept very little the night before (I'm worried I'll have to go through a new string of painful surgeries like last summer), but then over a very sleepy breakfast I got a call that the dentist was sick, and they moved the appointment to the 23rd. I feel like I wasted a perfectly good worrying!

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