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Happy New Year, everyone! I hope it was a great start of the new year for all of you! Me, I watched Singing In The Rain, toasted with my uncle, watched the neighbours shoot fireworks in the garden, and then slept like a log because I'm not used to stay awake that late, or drinking alcohol. :D

Health news first, the other exam results came in, and even though they're all good too, my oncologist is thinking of adjusting my therapy, basically by changing the main medicine I take. It's pretty standard with immunotherapy, as they keep telling me, but I'm still an anxious ball of nerves who hates changes in her routine. They might still decide not to do it, but either way they'll call me with their decision on the matter soon.

There's been some changes to LJ lately that I've only just heard about. They moved their servers from California to Russia, so everyone is freaking out that they're going to close the English-speaking parts of the site. Could be, although I'm much more worried about those awful anti-lgbt laws they have in Russia. I've had a dreamwidth account for years, where I do a back-up of my blog every few months. It's nausicaa83 over there as well, so feel free to add me. I'll start using it as my main blog only when LJ closes down definitely, as this is my home and I have tons of icons I don't want to lose. And my beautiful theme! *sigh*

In fandom news, they leaked all the episodes to the Steven Universe bomb they'll air next month. It was, again, an official leak from Cartoon Network. I just don't understand it. Do they want their most lucrative show to lose ratings so badly? Why would they do that? As I'm not American and have no way of contribute to the ratings, I watched the leaked episodes and loved them to pieces, but I'm still puzzled by this whole situation.

I'm going back home to Venice this weekend, but only for a week. I have to get a few papers at City Hall for my uncle, and I really miss my cat. ^^
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And the third Stevenbomb is officially over! Focused more on character development this time, I still adored it, although we do have so many questions that need to be answered. But well, we're back on hiatus. Such is fate. ^^

Yesterday I had an accident. I went to the pharmacy to buy a few things, including something for mosquito bites. I only found out after applying it back at home that the stupid chemist had given me a roll on stick that had ammonia in it, which is the one thing I'm allergic to, without warning me there was anything else in it but aloe vera. Luckly I realized it almost instantly, so I jumped into the shower with all my clothes still on and washed it away, then washed my hands, face, and inhaled water into my nose to clean it. It worked, as the only effects I had were nausea, a sour taste in my mouth, and a lingering headache, but they all went away by late afternoon. Tati descended on the chemist like an angel of death and got me a refund, so at least there's that. But man, I really dodged a bullet there.

Other than that, things are fine, even with the heatwave: mom is slowly recovering, and on monday I'll go order her a new wheelchair. It's my third attempt, as they keep giving me the wrong papers back at the clinic, so I do hope third time's the charm. I guess the heat is affecting everyone, even doctors and nurses!
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What a day, what a lovely day (shiny and chrome)! Two new episodes I'd been waiting for for months were waiting for me when I woke up! That, and I found a lot less ants than I feared: there's been the usual infestation, as they do every summer without fail. This time though I've been battling it with poison spray and vacuum cleaner for three days and they still haven't left the house! The neighbour was completely useless, even if he has the infestation as well, so I've been fighting on my own. Maybe, just maybe, I've finally won. We'll see tomorrow, though. There's also been a lot of printing papers and documents and calls from the hospital and usual depressing guardian stuff. I've been doing it for years, doesn't make it any easier.

But at least on the fandom side I got both Gravity Falls and Steven Universe to cheer me up! A Tale Of Two Stans was so good by the end I was almost hyperventilating. Theories confirmed, theories squashed, so much new information, it'll take me a lot of viewings to digest it all. What a fantastic episode! Cry For Help featured a new character that had been spoiled for me all weekend, because people on tumblr are incapable of using tags, and they enjoy leaks for some reason. I shall never understand the fascination with learning spoilers beforehand, instead of waiting for when the episode airs in all its high quality glory and context. Bah. I've been unfollowing people left and right, so at least now my dashboard looks a lot cleaner. Anyway, Alexia Khadime was wonderful (and I do hope they'll have her sing in a future episode, she's a wonderful Elphaba, it would be such a missed opportunity for her not to!), but the episode was a lot more depressing than I expected. These kids' shows don't mess around. O_O

Yesterday I also watched the X-Men Days Of Future Past Rogue Cut: it's a new version of the movie, with 20 minutes of added scenes and, as the title subtly implies, the return of Rogue. I adore this movie, but I thought this new cut was completely useless: all the added dialogues were redundant, and it made sense to leave them on the cutting room floor. The Rogue's scenes had no point, as she actually doesn't do or say anything, and she's basically a prop. The added scene at the house, with Raven and Hank, was a mess: cringe-worthy and embarassing all around. The only thing I took from this movie is a sense of gratitude that they cut all this stuff out in the original version, which made for a much more coherent plot with great pacing.

There's a new heatwave here, but thankfully it's not as vicious as the last one. Sakura is suffering the heat a lot, though: she sleeps on the marble floor, all spread out like a dog would, and even longer than usual. Poor baby!
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I just completed the new Steven Universe game, Attack The Light, with 100% on all stages. I loved it! It's an app (both iOS and Android), and I highly recommend it even to those who haven't seen the show: as an RPG it's complex and funny, the gameplay is great and never frustrating, and the style is lovely. It's a perfect fusion (ah!) of the show's original style and a chibi one.

There are also a lot of cute nerdy references: all the Gems start at level 9000, Amethyst says "Bowacunga" when levelling up, Steven goes "item, I choose you!" when using an item. And the story is lovely, coherent to the show's, a real treat for the fans.

In other fandom news, how cool was that new Star Wars trailer? I screamed, I cried, and quite frankly those two minutes were a lot better than all prequel movies put together. I'm confident we can finally leave that nightmare behind, and enjoy a new era of Star Wars movies, the way they should be.

Yes, I'm still bitter about that train-wreck.

I'm also way behind on my Reading Bingo, because I'm reading a book I'm not enjoying at all, but at the same time I'm not completely hating it. So I'm stuck. It's so boring I can only read a couple of pages a day before I start making distressed whale noises, but I still feel obliged to finish it. Damn. I'm trapped - trapped like a... tinned anchovy!

(I amuse myself!)
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Sorry for disappearing, guys, but remember the backache I mentioned in my last post? It quickly morphed into the One Ring of all backaches, and it basically confined me to a bed for a whole week. That, and not being able to breathe, eat, move my arms without being in terrible pain. Today is my first day of feeling truly better; it still hurts, and I still get tired easily, but I managed to leave the house, do some grocery shopping - a very light bag, but still. God, I missed it.

I'm so glad I was born in the age of painkillers, you have no idea.

Having gone through a black hole of a week, I don't have much in the way of news. I managed to marathon Steven Universe on my laptop, and I highly recommend it to anyone. It's funny, the story is beautifully written, it has lesbian moms, it's all feminist and full of fuzzy warm feelings. It's wonderful. You can watch it all for free on their official website. And seriously, it's got honest-to-god lesbian characters, in a children show, raising a kid. It doesn't get any better than that. ^^

And they just released the trailer for the next Mission Impossible movie. I don't really care for the first trilogy, but Ghost Protocol is one of my favourite movies of all time. I've watched it hundreds of times, and it's one of my "comfort movies": it's the actual name of a folder in my laptop for movies to watch when I'm sick. Works better than chicken soup and paracetamol. So yeah, I'm super excited about the new one! ^^

In completely unrelated news, yesterday I had to explain to my aunt, on the phone, what a lap dance is. Maybe also because I was on painkillers, I found the experience to be absolutely hilarious. :D

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