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Happy New Year, everyone! I hope it was a great start of the new year for all of you! Me, I watched Singing In The Rain, toasted with my uncle, watched the neighbours shoot fireworks in the garden, and then slept like a log because I'm not used to stay awake that late, or drinking alcohol. :D

Health news first, the other exam results came in, and even though they're all good too, my oncologist is thinking of adjusting my therapy, basically by changing the main medicine I take. It's pretty standard with immunotherapy, as they keep telling me, but I'm still an anxious ball of nerves who hates changes in her routine. They might still decide not to do it, but either way they'll call me with their decision on the matter soon.

There's been some changes to LJ lately that I've only just heard about. They moved their servers from California to Russia, so everyone is freaking out that they're going to close the English-speaking parts of the site. Could be, although I'm much more worried about those awful anti-lgbt laws they have in Russia. I've had a dreamwidth account for years, where I do a back-up of my blog every few months. It's nausicaa83 over there as well, so feel free to add me. I'll start using it as my main blog only when LJ closes down definitely, as this is my home and I have tons of icons I don't want to lose. And my beautiful theme! *sigh*

In fandom news, they leaked all the episodes to the Steven Universe bomb they'll air next month. It was, again, an official leak from Cartoon Network. I just don't understand it. Do they want their most lucrative show to lose ratings so badly? Why would they do that? As I'm not American and have no way of contribute to the ratings, I watched the leaked episodes and loved them to pieces, but I'm still puzzled by this whole situation.

I'm going back home to Venice this weekend, but only for a week. I have to get a few papers at City Hall for my uncle, and I really miss my cat. ^^
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For the weirdest square in the Reading Bingo, the "A Forgotten Classic" one, I went with The Diary of a Nobody by George & Weedon Grossmith. It's kind of an oxymoron, isn't it? A classic book can't, by definition, be forgotten. Otherwise it wouldn't be a classic. So I went for something similar, a book that's a classic but that I didn't know about until I bought it a few months ago. Close enough!

In this case it was suggested to me by Amazon, because I'd been looking for a new copy of Jerome K Jerome's Three Men In A Boat, which is one of my favourite books ever, so much so that I've already destroyed two copies by reading it too many times. Oops. Anyway, I got a few suggestions about other novels from the same period, and this one caught my eye, especially because of the title.

And it was indeed a great suggestion, because I loved it. It's a lovely, funny portrayal of suburban life in 1880s London. The best part is that while it's meant to be comical, it is actually an extremely accurante account of daily life for the lower-middle-class of that period. It was incredibly fascinating, and at the same time I found myself giggling and nodding along as it is very relatable, even now. It's weird to describe, because it opens a window on life on a very different London from today's, and at the same time it's modern to the point of being timeless, because at its core people haven't changed at all. It's that kind of realization we all need from time to time. ^^

And some great news, Livejournal just brought comment subject lines back. Remember how much we used them in fanfic communities? They were incredibly useful, and after two and a half years, thanks mostly to the new CEO, they're finally listening to their users. They even resurrected [ profile] lj_feedback! *_______*
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I'm writing this while drinking the first banana milkshake of the year. It's not a sunny day, but it's hot and dump, which is kinda the norm in the summer here. And I've been a responsible adult the whole week, what with laywers, judges, taxes and so forth, I truly needed something that would make me feel like a kid again. Not to mention my therapist has been away all week on medical conventions.

Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been a bad week per se, just a whole lot of real life stuff happening all at once, and I need some levity. Right now I'm listening to Fred Astaire's Puttin' On The Ritz, and it's hard to stay serious while listening to that. Plus I fear I have a serious case of milk moustache, what with the banana milkshake I'm drinking out of my Iron Man cup. :D

And yet with all the annoying stuff life has been throwing at me all week, nothing can compare with the new LiveJournal layout that premiered yesterday. I instantly clicked on the "old version" option, but I have a bad feeling it's not going to be an option for long. I knew this day was coming, but it's even clumsier and uglier than I feared. I shouldn't be surprised, as all the layout changes in the last few years have been ugly and the least user-friendly it is possible to achieve, but they still manage to top themselves with every new update.

It's time for a short movie review, because it's been a while since I've done one, and because the other day I finally saw The Lego Movie. It wasn't as groundbreaking as all those reviews said, but it was indeed funny, and that plot twist near the end was really good. Plus it made me all nostalgic, thinking of all the hours I spent as a kid playing with my Lego sets. I had a bunch of pirate sets, and hundreds of regular bricks that we used to build pyramids on the living room table. We even had a dead pharaoh that my dad had made out of paper and tape! *___*
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First, Sherlock's air date has finally been revealed, in the creepiest way possible. But still. It's 01/01/2014, exactly two years since the last one. They don't fool around, these guys. I can only assume the next one will be four years from now. *cries silently* But still, let's rejoice for the new episodes! \o/

In other news, am I the only one having loading problems with LJ? I have to refresh every page, and type every comment twice, because it keeps collapsing on me. Weird.

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