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Just came back from watching Rogue One, so here's the obligatory spoiler-free entry: it was brilliant, in every aspect, the perfect blend of beautiful plot and character development, nostalgia and modern storytelling. I loved every character in that fantastically diverse cast, I loved Jyn to pieces, and Andor, and that scene with Vader in the hallway was worth the price of the ticket alone! I got chills, I cried, I squeed in delight. The cameos and nods to the original trilogy were handled amazingly well, perfectly woven into the story without being jarring. And those cgi characters were seriously well-done, kudos.

But most of all the story, the dialogue, the characters! The way they depicted the Rebel Alliance, in a way they'd never done before, and that I wasn't expecting at all. The beaches. Yavin 4. My new otp, which is incredibly easy to identify if you know me. The music! The fight scenes with the X-Wings, that looked even better than in The Force Awakens! The more I think about it, the more I love this movie. \o/

Comments will probably contain spoilers, so if you've seen this wonderful movie, come squeal with me!
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