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Quick update on the thesis, today we're sending our first draft to Francesca's professor. I'm so nervous, let's hope he likes it! I was talking with my therapist yesterday, and we both agreed on how much this has helped me: working, having a purpose, doing something that only I can do, it makes me feel so useful, something that I haven't felt ever since this whole cancer thing started. I have noodle arms, so helping with physical tasks is out of the question (when I try I get tackled by the nearest family member and offered a cup of herbal tea), but using my brain is exactly what I'm good at! \o/

Yesterday I was talking with my aunt about the thesis, and it quickly snowballed into a heated discussion about angelic hierarchies and politheism in monotheistic religions. Then we had a glass of warm milk and honey and went back to the role of Michael as related to God. I'm learning so much while working on this thesis, and there is so much food for thought and discussion.

Unrelated, but have you heard the news? Philip Pullman is publishing a new trilogy, the Book of Dust, set in the same universe as His Dark Materials, and Lyra will be back! I'm so excited, I loved those books so much, but I never thought we'd get more novels. What a wonderful announcement!
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